Learning 80 Ball Bingo

The Origins of 80 Ball Bingo

The early roots of bingo can actually be traced to as far back as the 15th century, when it was known in Italy by the name "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia". In fact, this bingo (lottery) game is still widely enjoyed in that country to this day. From there, the game made its way to many countries all over Europe, where it mutated into different forms. By the time the game had managed to make its way to North America it was called 'Beano'. During a carnival in Atlanta in 1929, the name 'bingo' actually came about by chance when a player accidentally shouted that word instead of 'beano', and the rest, as they say, is history.


Bingo is of course widely played as a church fundraiser in many parts of the world and unsurprisingly, it was a Catholic Priest who first came up with this idea. The priest thought it was a great way to raise money for the church and at the same time encourage interaction between the members of the community. Needless to say, his plan worked, and by 1934 it was estimated that over 10,000 Bingo Games were played in churches all over the United States every week.

The Popularity of 80 Ball Bingo in the United Kingdom

The 80 Ball variation of Bingo was first played in the United Kingdom and over time, its popularity has spread throughout many parts of the world. This was mainly due to the favorable reputation that the game has received in many UK based online bingo sites. The 80 ball variant of the game is actually a lot like the other versions of bingo in that it involves marking numbers on bingo cards as they are called out. This similarity makes 80 ball bingo quite easy to play. The addition of a few new features only makes an already exciting game even more enjoyable.


Today, some new variations to the traditional bingo cards have been introduced, which makes the game even more fun. These cards feature shutter boards that can be slid over the numbers. These Bingo Cards have four rows and four columns to make 16 boxes, with each column having its own colour.

80 Ball Bingo on the Internet

80 ball bingo as played on the Internet is quite similar to the real world version with the numbers being shaded as well. There is also a number of new patterns used in the cards of 80 ball bingo on the Internet, with some of the traditional patterns being retained. Just as in the real world version, 80 ball bingo on the Internet has virtually the same call board as 75 Ball Bingo with a few minor changes. And just as 80 ball bingo has boomed in popularity all over the world, it is expected that the game will also continue to pull in new players on the Internet