Advanced Bingo Card Patterns

Something Different

If you have spent anytime playing Bingo online you've undoubtedly come across two very distinct types of Bingo Cards. There are those cards that you have come to know and love that have very basic patterns on them with the only imperative being to create a line or mark the entire card. The other patterns are what are called the advanced Bingo Patterns in where the object of the game is to cover a pattern that is more complex than the straight line that you are used to seeing.


Advanced Bingo Card Patterns versus Basic Bingo Card Patterns

Advanced Bingo Card Patterns encompass a wide variety of these complex patterns which might be a simple image on the card, which makes it more complex than the standard straight line. It might, however, be that same pattern but placed in an awkward position on the card. There are several dynamics involved in making the more complex, Advanced Bingo Card Patterns.

Types of Advanced Bingo Card Patterns

One popular type of Advanced Bingo Card Pattern is that of the 'Crazy' Bingo pattern. The Crazy Bingo Card consists of a static image, such as a tree or something similar, but rotated at a ninety-degree increment. For example, if you are looking at a Bingo Card and you know that it contains a car somewhere on the card and you know that it is a Crazy Bingo Card you might be looking for the image of the car standing upright on the card and not as if it were driving down the road. This adds a little excitement to the game because you don't know exactly what the image is going to be until you fill in the image and then rotate the card to orient the image to the point that it is discernible.

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Go Wild With A Bingo Card

Another popular option that you will run into playing on Advanced Bingo Cards is the "Wild" Bingo Card Pattern. The Wild pattern is easier to figure out more quickly because the orientation of the image is always the same as it would be on a static Bingo Card. What makes this pattern interesting, however, is that the static image might be anywhere on the card. For example, if you are playing on a card with the same car as before you will not have to consider whether or not the car is situated at any particular angle. What you will have to decipher is whether or not the car is in the middle of the card like a typical Bingo Card, or whether or not it is hiding in a corner or somewhere else on the card. It's somewhat like a Bingo version of hide and go seek; very interesting.


The absolute limiting factors on Advanced Bingo Card Patterns are the size of the card and the space that the creators have to work with, and the imagination of the creators. No matter how long you've been around the game you can rest assured that you will eventually come across something that you have never seen before.