Advanced Bingo Terms

Blackout (Coverall)
This is a bingo pattern in which all numbers shown on the bingo card must be covered in order to win the game.

Callers Choice
This bingo game lets the caller decide which pattern will be used for the game. The game chosen is usually only announced when the game is about to start.

The prize in this bingo game is a cash payout. The amount of cash paid out is determined according to the money that was paid in.

Consolation Prize
This is a lesser prize given to winners of special games who did not win within the required number of calls.

A bingo sheet which contains 24 numbers and one free space (located in the middle of the card.)

Four Corners
A bingo pattern in which all four corner number on the bingo card need to be covered in order to win the game.

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Hard-Way Bingo

This is the bingo term used to describe a win in a straight line in any column or row, excluding the lines going through the free space.

This is a larger prize that is awarded for players winning within a specified number of balls. It is usually used when a coverall is required.

Main Stage Bingo
This is usually the main event, which helps to draw many customers to a bingo session.

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Money Ball
The "money ball" is drawn out before starting the game. If the winning player gets a bingo on the same number as the money ball, their prize is doubled.

Moonlight Bingo
This is a bingo session that begins late at night. It usually begins around 10pm.

Nicknames (Bingo Calling Names)
The caller uses rhymes, or amusing ways to repeat numbers so that it is clear to players what number has been called. This was especially important in bingo halls where air-blown balls were used. Noisy bingo halls can make it difficult to hear the numbers clearly. The nicknames solve this problem. You'll find a really comprehensive and useful little website page that has most Bingo Terms listed on it which explains their meaning but more importantly has everything in a kind f "at a glance" page, especially for the noice bingo player.

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On the Way
If a blackout game is to be played on the same card as a patterned game, the patterned game is first played. It is 'on the way' to the blackout game, in which all numbers need to be covered.

Progressive Jackpot
A progressive jackpot is one that keeps growing in size until it is won. If it is not won in a specified number of balls being called, the size of the jackpot continues to grow either daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the regularity of the bingo games.

This bingo term describes a very fast bingo game. Numbers are called at high speed and players need to cover all the numbers on their cards before calling a bingo.

RNG (Random Number Generator)
This machine is usually electronic and is used to ensure that numbers are generated randomly. It is used in place of a blower in land-based games. The numbers for online bingo games are generated by Random Number Generators.