Advanced Bingo Tips

For those players who are already playing bingo, and basically know how to play the game. For those who have already followed some Basic Bingo Tips which helped them get going, here are some more advanced bingo tips to consider.

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Advanced bingo Safety Tips

First and foremost, before beginning to play online bingo, it is very important to check that the site you have chosen is a legitimate site in order to prevent getting ripped off. Look at the Privacy Policy and any descriptions available of security measures that are followed. More importantly, visit bingo message boards to check that no-one has been ripped off on the site in question.

Choose a unique password to use, and do not share it with anyone.

Players can begin by playing free games, and then playing games for low stakes. That way, if the site turns out to be one of the bad ones, very little money will have been lost. Beware of websites promising too much money in winnings.

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Bigger bingo Prizes

In order to win bigger prizes, it is necessary to play some of the more expensive bingo games or games with more people. The games which are cheaper to play also carry smaller winnings and jackpots. While the winning percentages are greater when playing in less crowded rooms, the games also usually carry smaller winnings. More advanced players should try to move onto winning bigger.

Money Management

It is important to ensure that you only play with money that you can afford to play with. Advanced bingo players can also take advantage of free bingo games at any time.

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Honing Mental Skills for Concentration

The main difficulty bingo players have is to keep their concentration on the game towards the end of a long evening of bingo playing. Scanning the numbers backwards ensures that you will only look for the number called. Say the number called was 24, scanning backwards means you will first look for a 4, and then the 2 next to any number that has a 4. When playing according to a pattern, it is very helpful to mark off the pattern (in a land-based bingo game) by using a highlighter before play has begun. This helps to keep you focussed on the numbers you actually need.

Auto Daub

This is when the software helps to find the number for you. When this feature is offered, players may turn this feature on or off as they wish. Those offering advanced bingo tips will often suggest that the best winning strategy for online bingo is to use the auto daub option wherever possible.

Unlimited Cards

An incentive offered by some online bingo sites is that players can play as many cards as they would like for a set amount of money (instead of paying for each card). In these cases, auto daub will not usually be an option. Do not let yourself get tricked into playing more cards than you can manage, and see easily on your screen, at any one time, as this can result in missed bingos.