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Basic Bingo Tips

While the game itself is fairly straight forward, there are a number of useful basic bingo tips that will help the new player get acquainted with the game. This bingo tips can be divided into two categories, those for land-based bingo games, and those for online bingo games.

Basic Bingo Tips for Land-Based Bingo Games

Early arrival at the bingo hall is common amongst regular players. This gives the players time to choose the seat they would like, set up all they will need for the game, socialize with other bingo players, and possibly even have a snack before beginning. The gossip before a game begins could give you useful Tips of which bingo halls are the best to play at, and which ones to avoid. Choosing a seat near the caller is often a wise choice, as seeing the numbers as they are picked gives the player more time to mark them off.

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18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Look After Your Bingo Cards

Bring Supplies with you. Many players will bring some kind of tape with them. If the tables are slippery, it is a good idea to tape your bingo cards to the table. When playing with multiple cards, some players will tape the cards to each other so that it is easier to find the numbers speedily without the cards moving around. Hint: Tape the cards together on the reverse side. A highlighter pen is useful to mark the daubable spaces before beginning play.

  • Don't doze off and speak up when playing.
  • Calling a bingo after the next number has been called is called "sleeping a bingo." A sleeper does not get their bingo if they call it too late. If you can't keep up with the speed the caller is going, it is better to let them know then to miss the numbers. Basic Bingo Tips for Online Casinos
  • There is a large choice of online bingo rooms to play in. Take some time to choose one that best fits your needs.

Be polite is a good motto to take with you into a bingo chat room. Bingo is not only about winning, but has an important social aspect. Being polite from the beginning will win you more friends.

  • Joining online forums is a good place to get free advice from more seasoned players.
  • The number of bingo cards played may depend on whether you need to daub them yourself, or whether the software does it for you. If the software does the daubing, playing with multiple bingo cards is easy. If manual daubing is necessary, ensure that you only play with the number of cards you can easily handle.
  • Choose a game with fewer players as there is more chance to winning. There are also less players on weekdays then on weekends.
  • Bigger jackpots are usually offered when playing on sites that sell cards for 25 cents or more.
  • Look out for bonuses offered by bingo sites. Bonuses can help to increase the size of your bankroll, and sometimes, even as much as doubling your money.