Bingo and Horoscopes

Similarity of Bingo and Horoscopes

Horoscopes are defined as a prediction of someone's future based on the relative positions of the planets ( Similar to the horoscopes, bingo is a game of chance which is based on the positions of the numbers selected randomly by the caller. It is the position of these numbers picked randomly that defines the outcome of the game.


Bingo and horoscopes are very alike; just as the planetary positions define the way ones life or day will enfold, so too does the position of the numbers on your bingo card define the flow of the game. The presence of favorable planetary positions is expected to guide the individuals to success in the game of life. In a similar manner, the placement of the right numbers in the right place on your bingo card can direct the individual to win a jackpot in the game of bingo. This makes the bingo player and the horoscope reader very alike in mindset.

Bingo just like the horoscope is a game of chance. Both believe that the outcomes of the events are beyond the control of ones activities. Controlling your luck can cause you to be a winner. This is true for both astrology and bingo.

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Horoscopes and Bingo Superstitions

Horoscopes are considered to be a means for controlling or making events flow in the direction one wants. The presence of the planetary positions determine the auspicious time for any activity redirecting the output to ones advantage. A bingo player too believes in certain rituals and lucky charms which they believe would turn the events of the game in a direction positive to them.

With numerology gaining popularity over the years, the selection of the name and nicknames in online bingo communities, the identification of the lucky and unlucky numbers, etc are based on the answers provided by horoscopes.

Bingo players are also known to believe in the fortune that lucky charms are expected to bring to them. Many resort to using birth stones to manipulate the uncontrollable events to their approval. However, it is not just the birth stones or lucky charms that are expected to yield a positive outcome; many bingo players believe in the role played by the colours and the type of clothes worn in influencing one's fate.

The amount of risk undertaken by an individual is highly influenced by the statements in their daily horoscope. Similarly many believe that the risk that can be undertaken is defined by the accessories and factors determined by the horoscopes.

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Horoscopes and Bingo as Interlinked Passions

Bingo is a game that is intertwined with many superstitions. Studies reveal that many bingo lovers believe in some rituals or lucky charms that can turn the flow of the game into their favour.

Many bingo lovers consult horoscopes for the best time to start a bingo game. Starting the game at the right time is said to result in a win for the players. Its not just a lucky time, but amount of luck present in a day is also a determining factor in the decisions of many on whether to play the game on a particular day or not. All this information is available to players in their horoscope.

As a result many online bingo sites today provide free daily horoscopes for players to use.