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Bingo as a Culture

The Culture of Playing Bingo

Bingo is one of those games that have somehow managed to shake off the less than flattering image of its early years to become a formidable global phenomenon that holds many countries in its grip. Not bad for a game that was previously widely considered to be the sole domain of ladies above a certain age who had nothing better to do with their time!

Bingo has in fact, risen above these unfair categorisations and become a ubiquitous part of the social fabric of many countries. It seems that almost every country in the world has a bingo hall or similar type of venue where 'lovers of the bingo game' can take in a game or two on a regular basis, and of course bingo has made in-roads into the online world as well.

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Online Bingo

Today, the Internet is literally filled with all types of online bingo sites, and they do quite a brisk business that can compare favourably with other types of gaming web sites. Bingo can be played online in anyone of the many casino web sites on the Internet, and there are even a few web sites that offer the game exclusively.

The Unique Bingo Culture

As can be expected from a game that has so many parts of the world in its grip, bingo has built up a unique and distinctive culture around it that is just as idiosyncratic as poker or blackjack culture. It seems that the players of the game somehow feel an affinity for each other that is the result of the shared experience of playing something that is as enjoyable and engrossing as bingo. The bingo culture is one that transcends all boundaries (geographical, social, racial, or otherwise) and you only have to look at your typical neighborhood bingo hall to see it in action.

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Slight Differences in Global Bingo Culture

That being said, bingo culture tends to manifest itself in slightly different ways in different countries. This is quite understandable given the myriad cultural differences between each country. In the USA for example, bingo games tend to be played with a more "gung-ho" attitude and an intensity that is perhaps reflective of the American psyche. We wouldn't want to encourage stereotyping here, but checking out the relatively more genteel bingo atmosphere in UK bingo halls will make this difference a little bit more apparent.

Another difference is that bingo in the U.K. is regarded as a more social event wherein friends and family can gather together and enjoy a few hours of enjoyable social time together. The game of bingo as played in the UK also tends to attract a far younger group of players than it does in the US.

All that being said, there is certainly no reason why you shouldn't be able to play the game as a social event in the United States. For all its minor differences, bingo culture is essentially the same at the core, and those differences simply serve to make the Bingo game that much more interesting.