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Bingo Calling Names

A General Overview of Bingo Calling Names

For many newcomers to the game of online bingo, the mere thought of the game of bingo may bring to mind terms such as 'clickety click' and 'two fat ladies'. Although some people may automatically associate these phrases with the fun game of bingo, they may not comprehend a particular term's meaning or understand to which bingo number it may relate. In other words, being aware of the expressions and connecting them to the bingo game may still be a far way off from linking each term with its respective number.

Introduction to Bingo Calling Names

One could say that the majority of calling names in the game of bingo are strange, but one has to admit that some are more unusual than others. So, many people may have heard of the bingo names 'knock at the door' and 'buckle my shoe', but what about 'halfway house' or 'Brighton line'? Looking into how some of these strange bingo calling names came about that is a different story altogether.

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18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

An Explanation of Bingo Calling Names

Bingo calling names could be explained as names or expressions that are used to refer to each of the different particular numbers in the bingo game. The different bingo calling names originated in the United Kingdom and became very popular in the various bingo halls and rooms around the country.

Many of the popular bingo calling names rhyme and have been selected just for that simple reason, while some of the names are based on the shape of the different numbers that they represent. There are some bingo calling names that the reason for their choice is obvious, such as 'Coming of age' as the number 18, as this number is the legal coming of age in the United Kingdom. Another understandable and straightforward example is 14 which has the bingo calling name of 'Valentine's Day', as this day falls on the 14th February.

18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

The Use of Rhyme in Bingo Calling Names

It should be noted that rhyme does have a large part to play in bingo calling names. The number four is a good example of this, as its special name in the bingo game is the expression 'knock at the door'. There does not seem to be a particular reason for this choice of phrase, however it does sound good in the game of bingo. Where would number three 'cup of tea' be without that little bit of rhyme? The introduction of a bingo calling name spices the entertainment up a little rather than just reading out a plain old number that was selected.

Entertaining Bingo Names

The calling names do seem to be an integral part of the game of bingo. Although online bingo is based on the original game of bingo, some changes had to be made in order to create a viable form of entertainment via the Internet.

Internet bingo players will find that although it is necessary to have reached the coming of age (18), there is no need to jump and jive (35) or to get up and run (31) in order to search for the gateway to heaven (27) and find the time for fun (41) at online bingo entertainment.