Bingo Card Layout

Understanding your Bingo Card

The first step in learning to play Bingo online, or just play the game better, is to understand what kind of Bingo Card patterns that you will inevitably come across if you stay with the game long enough.


Basic Bingo Patterns

The first type of Bingo Card layout, and the most prevalent, is that of the Basic Bingo Cards. This is exactly what it sounds like; very easy to follow cards with a series of numbers in no particular order. Basic patterns typically form a straight line. This is the typical card that you will encounter when playing in your local Bingo Hall.

Variations on the Typical Bingo Card

You won't always be playing on the standard Bingo Card however. There are times where you will find more complex patterns in the cards. These are put there intentionally to make the cards more interesting and to make you pay a little closer attention to your game play. These are much more typically found when playing online Bingo than they are playing in your local Bingo Hall, but nevertheless being able to recognize these cards for what they are can only help your chances of victory.

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Static Bingo Pattern

The first of the Bingo Card patterns that you will see is that of the Static Pattern. A Static Pattern on a Bingo Card is an image that you will have to cover to win. For example some patterns might be as simple as a letter, or an object like a sail boat. It really is up to the imagination of whoever created the card so being able to identify quickly what the creator was thinking might come in handy.

On top of the Static Bingo Pattern you might find Crazy Bingo Card Patterns. These are especially fun to play on when playing online Bingo. These have patterns, much like Static Card patterns, but they move using ninety degree increments. This one might make you cross your eyes.

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More Options

Another Bingo Card pattern option is that of the Wild Bingo Card Pattern. This is where the pattern is static, but can be found anywhere on the card. Trying to find how this one's hidden on your card can be a game in and of itself.

It's Still About the Game!

While it's fun to look at the card and see the shapes magically appearing as you fill in the spaces never forget what the game is about. The pure excitement of the Bingo Game comes from the sheer randomness of the next number called. That is where the fun is. It certainly isn't about the next shape to pop up; the shapes and patterns are just there to brighten your day a bit more. Remember have fun and enjoy the game for what it is. Of course a cool shape makes the victory just a little sweeter.