Etiquette in Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo Chat Room Etiquette

Bingo is considered as a fun game and is enjoyed by many people all over the world. Online bingo is a game that anyone can play no matter where they are located. However, bingo is more about interacting with people than the game itself. Online bingo has therefore come up with the idea of bingo chat rooms to meet this need for interaction amongst the players.

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The online bingo chat rooms aim to satisfy this social need of bingo lovers by producing a friendly and warm environment, where players can chat with each other. However, the creation of a cordial relationship between bingo players calls for basic etiquette rules that are to be followed by every member in the chat room. Some protocols are common to all the online bingo chat rooms while some others are exclusive.

Need for Etiquette in Online Bingo Chat Rooms

Every chat room expects the new entrants to go through the basic online bingo rules put forth by them before the start of the game. These rules are essential to maintain the spirit of the game. Going through the various norms of an online bingo chat room is essential if you want to truly enjoy your game and not offend any other bingo players on the forum.

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Basic Bingo Chat Room Etiquette

Some of the basic bingo chat room etiquette rules that are put forth by every online bingo chat room have been described here.

Many players use a screen name that is generic in nature. With the online chat rooms consisting of people from all walks of life, care should be taken to ensure that the name so selected is not derogatory to any community or country. The player has to be aware that online bingo is played by people from various creeds, social status, religions and economic rankings.

On gaining entrance into the chat rooms the bingo player should respect the authority and suggestions of the chat master whose job involves maintaining harmony throughout the game. If the host asks for your reply to a question, the player is expected to answer politely.

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The Don'ts of an Online Bingo Chat Room

Keeping caps lock on during the game is considered as a sign of rude behavior. The continuous string of capital letters used in the conversations is regarded as shouting which is not expected from a player. The chat master has the authority to drive out a person who interrupts the spirit of the bingo game in spite of being warned.

Typing using capital letters is reserved for the chat host who has to ensure that his presence and suggestions are seen by all the players. This easy differentiation prevents the usage of block letters by the players. Some Bingo chat masters make use of red font to make themselves visible and the same "don't" rule applies to this as well.

Promoting other bingo chat rooms is also not accepted.