Bingo as a Fundraiser

Using Bingo to Raise Money

Bingo is an entertaining game that is considered legal in many places and can be played by people of all age groups. Many organizations resort to using bingo as a fundraiser event as it is simple, enjoyable and entertaining, besides yielding a positive outcome.

Advantages of Using Bingo as a Fundraiser Event

Bingo is also a great game for a fundraiser event, because it is the simplest game to play. Unlike poker, there is no need to learn rules or strategies to play this game; even children can play this game. There is no need to get special tables to play bingo and guests can play bingo right from their seats -all they need is a bingo card and a dauber. This is one of the most fun and convenient games to use as a fundraiser event.

How to Go About Hosting a Bingo Fundraiser Event

Any fundraising event calls for careful planning from the part of the organizers. Some of the basic steps that are to be considered before undertaking the actual program are mentioned below:

If you are planning to host a bingo fundraiser event, then contacting the lottery division of the state to understand the regulations, if any, that are to be observed for upholding the event should be your first step. Some states require the organizations to acquire a license, provide the necessary documentation, and follow certain rules in terms of venue, space and so on. However there are many states where bingo is an unregulated event and in such a case no documentation is needed.

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The next thing you should do is organize the event. Start this off by identifying the target audience and the expected attendance for the event. A look into similar programs held by others can help you to predict turnout and organize things better. The prize amount and the number of supplies required for the event are determined by the target audience and their degree of attendance. However, it is always good to get some extra supplies just in case more turn up.

Measures should be taken to ensure that the bingo event is held in a centrally located place which has easy accessibility. The organizers have to make certain that the day of the event is not a public holiday or does not have another big event scheduled. Holding the fundraiser on a Saturday is ideal as it suits the working class and the religious people.

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Some Tips on Making a Success of a Bingo Fundraiser Event

Advertise. The content and volume of the target audience define the mode of advertisement. Where the target audience is wide and varied, the best option is through press releases. Care should be taken to make sure that it mentions the date and venue of the event, the prize money and the intention of the same. Be enthusiastic in marketing the event.

Get volunteers so you do not have to hire workers. When the cause is a worthy one or where the guests include aged people, the services of volunteers can help in providing them with bingo books and collecting them at the end of the game.