Bingo in Africa

Playing Bingo in Africa

With the vast popularity of the game of bingo in many countries all over the world, it is hardly surprising that it would be popular in Africa as well. The game after all has the unique quality of being able to connect with a wide variety of players of an exceedingly diverse background, and it appears that the African gaming audience is not immune to its charms.

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Bingo Goes Global

Just as in many countries all over the world, bingo has captured the imagination of the casino going public and the continent's players have displayed a fervor for the game that can equal even that of the most avid bingo playing populations of such countries as the United States and the UK. While those countries will no doubt stay at the top of the heap as far as sheer number of avid bingo playing fanatics is concerned (and will likely to do so for quite some time) there is no denying that bingo has made an impact on the social fabric of Africa, and that its impact will be felt for a long time to come. Bingo has definitely come to Africa in a big way, and from all indications it is there to stay.

Bingo Game Play in Africa

Much like in any other country all over the world, the game of bingo as played in Africa uses a bingo card that players purchase before the game. Players have the option to purchase as many bingo cards as they feel they are capable of keeping track of during the course of a game, but beginner bingo players would be well advised to stick to one or two cards at first, at least until they have come to grips with the game and have a better understanding of how it is played. While the game is fairly simple (as many longtime bingo players will tell you) keeping the number of your bingo cards to a manageable level will make it easier for you to keep track of the numbers as they're called and to mark them down on the bingo card. This will give you a far better shot at winning.

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Bingo Halls in South Africa

South Africa has proven to be a particularly fertile ground for bingo halls, with four of them currently in operation in Gauteng Province, and one more in the North West Province. In addition, there are probably many other social halls and function centres where in the game is played on an irregular basis. And of course, there are scores of online bingo that bingo players from Africa can play in, with a few even catering specifically to the African bingo playing market.

In Africa, the game of bingo is subject to the rules and regulations of the Provincial License Authority. Every single piece of equipment used in the game undergoes extensive testing in order to ensure utmost fairness and impartiality. In addition, they must also receive what is called the SANAS 1718 certification before they can be used.