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Bingo in Asia

Bingo Game Play in Asia

While western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom are currently in the top position as far as sheer number of bingo players is concerned. A situation that will likely remain so for a few years to come. There is no doubt that the game has taken hold over many countries in Asia as well.

Asian Bingo Catching Up To Speed

Admittedly the region has been a bit slow to catch on to the global bingo craze that has many parts of the world in its grip for a number of years now, but it seems that it's poised to catch up in a big way. Already bingo is fast becoming a favourite leisure pursuit in many Asian countries, where the game is played by an increasingly diverse clientele made up of players from different age groups and backgrounds, many of whom have made the move to bingo from other globally popular casino games such as poker and blackjack.

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18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Bingo Goes Oriental

This is hardly surprising given the universal appeal that bingo has for players of all ages and both genders. It's interesting to note that bingo in Asian countries bears little of the stigma that it has been associated with in the past in western countries, where the game was previously largely disregarded as one that was better suited to elderly bingo players of the female persuasion. While this less than flattering impression of the game has admittedly been discarded in previous years owing to the clear appeal of the game with younger and more diverse players, the Asian bingo market has largely been spared from these stereotyping. Bingo in Asia is enjoyed by a wide variety of different players, and it wouldn't be unusual to walk into any bingo hall or social club in the region and see players of all ages and backgrounds (and even entire families) playing the game with an intensity and focus that bingo players from other countries would find surprising.

Online Bingo in Asia

Online bingo in Asia is in a similarly healthy state, with a large portion of the younger players checking out the online bingo offerings available on the Internet. Things are only bound to get better in the Asian online bingo scene, with the recent announcement of Playtech that it would start making inroads into the lucrative Asian online bingo market. Playtech is of course known all over the world as one of the foremost gaming software providers in the industry, and they aim to direct all their expertise into providing a host of new online bingo opportunities for the Asian market by way of its Buzz Technologies, Inc. subsidiary. The company is set to release its own brand of online bingo in the region by way of the 12buzz.com web site. This web site is expected to cater to the online bingo needs of well over 500 million players in Asia, with Chinese players expected to comprise a respectable 100 million of this figure.