Bingo in Australia

The Culture of Bingo Playing in Australia

Let's face it: the United States and the United Kingdom currently command a large portion of the global bingo market (both online and offline) and they will likely do so for quite some time. It's hardly surprising, given bingo's origins can be traced to a traveling carnival in the United States, and it then made the migration across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom fairly easily. Nevertheless, many countries and regions all over the world have taken to the game in a big way, and players from countries other than those two comprise a pretty respectable percentage of the worldwide bingo market. Asia in particular is one region that has become quite bingo-crazy over the past few years, with the players there exhibiting an intensity and attachment to the game that is frankly quite amazing.

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The State of Bingo in Australia

There is, however, one other country that has managed to develop the bingo industry to a considerable extent in its shores, and that is Australia. As a matter of fact, bingo has actually been played in the country as far back as the early years of the 20th century, although the game truly came into its own during the 60s and 70s when bingo attracted scores of Australian players to its fold. The game was originally known as "Housie Housie" in the country until the name was changed to the universally recognisable "Bingo" This early version of the game was actually quite similar to the familiar Bingo in almost every way, and only the name was different.

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Scores of Bingo Clubs to Choose From

Today, there are literally hundreds of venues such as bingo specific clubs all over Australia, where bingo is played on a regular basis, and there are probably even more social halls that function as impromptu bingo venues. There is also a fairly well known chain of bingo halls in the country named Megabingo, and they have branches in 3 cities all over the country, with more planned in the near future. Megabingo has garnered quite an avid following for its weekly bingo tournaments, and its halls are open everyday for regular bingo games. Megabingo is particularly noteworthy in that its clientele is not restricted to older players alone, unlike other bingo halls in other countries all over the world. The chain also attracts a fair share of younger bingo players, all of whom are just as eager to partake of the action as their more elderly counterparts.


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Just like in the United Kingdom, the bingo cards used in Australian bingo is comprised of nine columns and three rows, with each row having five numbers and each column having nine numbers. Aside from that, the game is played pretty much the same way as it is in other countries. Australia also had a game show called 'National Bingo Night', which was based on the American TV game show of the same name, although it has since been cancelled. Nevertheless, the fact that the show aired at all is a testament to just how deep bingo has taken a hold in Australian culture.