Bingo in Europe

The State of Bingo Playing in Europe

In Europe, the umbrella organization that is responsible for virtually every major bingo event is EU Bingo or the Federation of European Bingo Associations. The foremost goals of the association are to facilitate the professional and social activities of its members bingo associations, help coordinate their efforts and activities with various organizations of the European Union, to function as a sort of information clearing house for all its members, and to facilitate the resolution of various concerns of the bingo industry.

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Member Associations of EU Bingo

EU Bingo is comprised of several different licensed bingo associations belonging to groups such as the Spanish Confederation of Organisations of Bingo Games Managers, the Italian Federbingo, and Irelands Star Bingo Group, as well as various bingo organizations in the United Kingdom. The headquarters of the association is located in Brussels.

EU Bingo was founded in 2006 with the goal of representing various European bingo organizations. The association was formally launched on January 31 at the European Parliament in Brussels during a luncheon hosted by Bill Newton Dunn MEP. It is hoped that other bingo associations from Europe will eventually join the roster of associations of EU Bingo.

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The Role of EU Bingo

As can be expected, EU Bingo closely monitors all Bingo related events in Europe, as well as the bingo related policies of each of its member countries. The association pays particularly close attention to any policies that directly affect the state of bingo in the European union. EU Bingo is run mainly by the secretariat based in Brussels, and the association's executive board meets two times every year in order to discuss various bingo related matters that are of interest to the association.

The founding bingo association members of EU Bingo were originally made up of representatives from United Kingdom and Spain, although it was only a few months later that 2 other countries joined in. Most of EU Bingo's activities are centered on the monitoring of various bingo related developments in the European Union and in informing their member associations on any forthcoming legislation that may directly affect the bingo industry at large. In addition, EU Bingo is also tasked with the responsibility of distributing pertinent information related to various aspects of the bingo industry. EU Bingo also occasionally serves as representatives for its various member organizations to lawmakers in different countries in the European Union.

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As mandated by EU Bingos official representatives in Brussels, the goals of the association are to:

  • Represent both the professional and social concerns of its national bingo association members, utilizing the various institutions and services of the European Union.
  • Function as an information exchange center for all of its members.
  • Tackle various issues that are of concern to the European bingo sector, which may come up from time to time.

In the pursuit of these goals, EU Bingo strives to maintain close professional relationships with other sectors in the gambling industry, and actively involve itself in various gaming related activities in the European continent.