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Bingo in Movies

Movie Appearances for Bingo

Considering the popularity of the game of bingo over the years, it is perhaps surprising that bingo entertainment has not been the subject matter of more movies.

Bingo on Film

The bingo game may appear on various television shows, serials and short dramas, but its appearance in long movies seems to be fewer and hard to find. This may be a little difficult to comprehend as the bingo game has provided hours of entertainment for so many people over time.

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One of the most popular movies with a connection to bingo is probably the 1991 film in the name of 'Bingo'. However, this film actually has nothing at all to do with the game of bingo or any other game. The movie 'Bingo' is a fun film for all the family and is centered on a dog whose name is Bingo. In the movie, Bingo the dog saves a boy's life and the two then become great friends. The film features Bingo's adventures once the boy and his family move to a different home. Even though the film 'Bingo' does not contain land bingo or online Golden Bingo, this is an enjoyable action packed movie with a comedy element.

'Beach Blanket Bingo'

Another movie including the name bingo in its title is that of 'Beach Blanket Bingo'. This film also has no connections to the game of bingo but in fact is a beach party film.

King of the Bingo Game

The 1999 movie "King of the Bingo Game" is based on a book of the same name by Ralph Ellison and does concern the game of bingo. This movie tells the story of an unemployed man who enters a movie theatre on bingo night and wins the bingo game in the interval. The movie then discusses how the bingo win only adds to the troubles of this man who has no job and needs to care for his pregnant wife.

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Movie Time for Online Bingo

Due to the widespread success of the Internet and the popularity of online gaming, bingo has already made a name for itself as an online form of entertainment. Perhaps now the time has come for online bingo to star in a full length movie. It should be noted that in general, movies often represent a part of society and demonstrate different parts and ways of life or customs. Surely it would therefore be fitting for Online Bingo entertainment to be a part of a movie. Best online casino made their first appearance on the Internet in the mid 1990's and since then it has been all action as new games and features have been added. It can be said that online bingo and Internet gaming as a whole have a part to play in today's modern society. Perhaps it should be pointed out that although online bingo has become popular among all ages, 30% of Internet bingo players are under the age of 35. Therefore, if film and movies reflect a part of society, online bingo and online gaming entertainment could feature in the next movie hit!