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Bingo Jokes around the Casino

If you are playing Bingo online you can most likely enjoy casino gaming through the same gaming portal. Bingo Jokes and casino jokes go well together and when you play in an online bingo room you can become very popular by sharing them in the Online Bingo Chat Room with your fellow players. There are a few jokes that seem to be told everywhere and if you want to be original you should spend some time on reading up on the real pearls before trying to be the master bingo joker.

Easy Bingo Money

Three old ladies where busy at a bingo hall trying their best to follow the caller, when one of them threw her dauber across the table and screamed "this is no good, my dauber is dry again and I am missing out on the bingo numbers!" Their friend Hilda happened to pass by the table at that very moment and she smiled at the group of grannies. "Why don't you go out in the lobby and try the new machine" It works wonders, jackpot each time. You pop in a dollar and it spits out four quarters!

18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Never a Bingo Loser

Couples like to play Bingo together and this creates situations where their friendships are tested. John and Lisa liked to play Bingo and compete. They'd see who could score the most Bingos in one night. They were both doing pretty well and were actually in a tie when they entered the last game for the evening. As it happened they both needed number five to win this last game and number five came up. When they split the winnings of that night a friend said to them wow, how lovely that you tied the game and shared the win. "No way" said the wife I called quicker than John so I am the true winner!

Playing with Property

Bingo isn't expensive to play still there is always the danger of making bets with other people just to get a hold of another bingo card. When Harold found that he had no more money to buy more Bingo Cards, he started to make deals with his fellow players around the table. He came home very late that night and his wife Frieda asked him where their car was. "Honey you will have to take the bus from now on" came Harold's answer and he added also tomorrow when you have to go and clean Benny's back yard.

Once a Bingo Player always a Bingo Player

When Bingo players take breaks and go into other areas of a casino they can usually still be spotted. Such was the case with the man in the green hat that jumped up and down by the craps table shouting Bingo as he excitedly waved his bingo ticket matching the numbers marked at the table. When he started to walk off towards a Keno machine the staff showed him the door asking him to take his business elsewhere or simply remain in the bingo room. Needless to say, he went back to the bingo hall until his wife called him home for dinner.