Bingo Jokes in Chatrooms

Get Some Laughter from Bingo Jokes

Bingo is a great game and it is only natural that people that play the game a lot develop a special bingo-humor. Just like it is easy to understand the game these bingo jokes are simple and should make anyone smile.

Bingo Jokes Chat Style

When you play Bingo you will most likely be busy getting to know people in the chat room. For this setting the shorter jokes are to recommend as you don't want to bore your fellow players with too much text. Just remember not to get too weird in the chat room as it is a space for everyone and the language should be kept friendly and proper also in a joke.

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1 plus 1 is 3

Most people enjoy the obvious dummy jokes. In a chat room this type of bingo joke can ease up the tension someone might feel if they aren't doing so well. You could tell them jokingly "You'll see me in many games tonight. I hope to break even. I need money!" That one should make anyone smile and nod knowingly. Or why not laugh about a laugh and say "I am here for a laugh. Looks like I am about to laugh my car away!" With this one even the worst loser should feel a great deal better.

Dry Humor

Some people call it dry humor others say it is sarcasm. When you hear "Bingo is a sure way to get nothing for something" you know you are dealing with a sarcastic player or a very bad loser. Another good example of a joke that will fit this category is the one of the little old lady that opens her mouth and yells the nastiest word. When asked how such a sweet old lady could utter a curse word the answer goes:- another little lady yelled Bingo!

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Do Not

The list of do-not-do jokes goes long. These are great for the chat room since you can adjust them to the crowd. An example of this type of joke would be "don't test the dauber on your pant." If you are playing in a bingo room with 3D graphics you could pull off "Don't try to hide your 80 years of bingo experience with a bad wig and cheap sunglasses!" Another fun comment in the same setting could be "Do not bring your pets. I see that tail hanging out of your purse Man."

Joke about Yourself

It is always good tone to keep a good mood even when you are not doing so well. The other players will most likely treat you with a lot of respect if they see that you always keep a high standard and that you can afford a joke or two about yourself. Why not say "No I am not addicted to Bingo! I only play on Sundays that are not on a weekend." The chat room can become so much fun if you add little jokes like these as you make conversation with your opponents. It i