Bingo Jokes and Health

Bingo Jokes and Health

It has been said that a good laugh prolongs life and it could be discussed whether a good Bingo game has the same effect. It is also not certain with how much the laugh would prolong life but chances are that it could be more than the average Bingo Game. There are plenty of jokes that focus on Bingo and health and if you share them during your next Bingo game you increase your odds of keeping the doctor at a distance.

Bingo Fever

When the old gentleman came to the doctor complaining of seeing only bingo balls the doctor asked him Have you seen an optician? Why, no! said the gentleman 'only bingo balls.' It might seem as a joke but there are people that become so obsessed with their bingo that they literally see bingo balls in front of their eyes all day long. For such players there is only one remedy 'More Bingo!'

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Bingo and Marriage

Bingo can become bigger than life, at least married life. Martha explained to her best friend Beth that things had gotten pretty sour back home the night before. For sure, Beth had been playing a lot of Bingo lately and it was only natural that her husband should feel a bit left out, but the night before he had given her the ultimatum "me or Bingo." Martha told Beth with a sigh "I'm going to miss him."

Doctors Sneaking out for Bingo

Some people like to play Bingo together and back in time before there was Internet Bingo readily available to everyone they had to think of ways to get together for late night Bingo games at the local Bingo hall. One man, who was also a doctor, had problems telling it as it was to his wife. One night they had already gone to bed when his two friends called him up to ask him to join them for some late night Bingo. His wife assumed he was going in his profession and asked him if it was serious. He whispered solemnly to her as he hurried out, yes, there are two other doctors there already and they need me to come along as well.

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Stay Mentally Well

While a good game of bingo every now and then can keep you feel young there are certain things you should remember in order to keep sane and stay away from any type of Bingo psychosis. The following advice was offered in a clinic for recovering Bingo addicts.

Don't try to hypnotize the caller to make him call the numbers you need. Keep your eyes on the bingo card.

Don't try to eat un-pealed peanuts while playing Bingo, not even online!

Don't try to fake the dealer by calling out numbers when you think no one notices the difference.

Don't try to bribe the caller or your fellow players not with money nor with peanuts. If someone calling Bingo makes you want to kick them to the moon and back it is time to go home and take a very cold shower.