Bingo Jokes for the Obsessed

It could be said that some treat their Bingo gaming as a religion. They always show up on time to their games and the outcome determines if they will have a good day or not. You can easily spot these players and if you know one in person you might have had a hard time to decide whether to laugh or cry about them. Laughing is always a better choice and the good thing is that even the most serious bingo player usually cracks up to one good Bingo Jokes.

The Last Soothing Bingo Words

A man was lying on the sidewalk suffering from a stroke. A police officer tried to help him but realized that he had only come in time for the man's last moments. He called out for someone to soothe the man with some words of religion but no religious official could be spotted anywhere. Suddenly a man offered his help. "I live across the Catholic Church and I know their sermons by heart by now." He sat down by the dying and silently whispered "I-35, B-2?"

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Me or the Bingo

Mary had had it with her Bingo crazed husband Billie. Billie did nothing but play Bingo and when he did take a break he would not talk about anything else but his Bingo games . Mary decided to let him choose. It was either her or the Bingo. She announced this to Billie as she served him the most delicious dinner over a candle lit table. Billie bit into the gourmet food and looked at her very seriously as she proposed her ultimatum. He finished his plate and then said "Thanks for dinner dear, so long"!

Crazy about Numbers

Are you into Bingo for the numbers? Harry dreamed of numbers and he couldn't get enough of them. His wife thought that it was all right as long as he kept his obsession as a hobby through his bingo gaming. One night he broke the terrible news. "Honey I have left Bingo for a new amazing casino." His wife dreaded what was to come next. "In this new casino they have no games at all. This one girl walks around and says "I am thinking of a number between one and twenty" Harry's wife locked Harry in and threw away the keys!

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Who Should Not Play Bingo

The best bingo player is a good loser because in Bingo it is essential to be social and act as a good friend. Many wondered why old Bertha was sitting with muffs on her ears as she was playing Bingo. One night another player decided to find out what the deal was and carefully lifted one of the flaps to ask her. As he uncovered her ear someone called "Bingo!" and the same moment it became clear why old Bertha kept her ears covered. The moment she heard the "Bingo!" she let out the worst words ever imaginable. The other player hurried to put the flap back on the ear to keep the bingo gaming as pleasant as always.