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Bingo Jokes and Women

Old Blonde Women Bingo Jokes

Why people find young and old women fun to joke about might be a mystery but the fact is that our dear mothers and sisters often play the key role in a good bingo joke. If they are blonde and a bit senile they are sure to make most of us giggle. The good thing is that it is human nature to joke about that which we care about. With this in mind any retired blonde woman should be able to take the jokes with stride.

Blondes are Dumb

"How many blondes does it take to play one card of Bingo" The answer is three; one to turn the card to the right side, one to daub the numbers and one to call out Bingo. These blondes should try an online game where everything runs automatically and the cards are turned the right way from the very start. But then again, even with the wealth of online bingo information, women's online Bingo could end up a disaster as the case when the husband came home and found his screen completely blacked out by ink. His blonde wife had been busy with online Bingo and a real-time dauber.

18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Beware of the Bingo Caller

Sometimes the joke is twisted to mock the mockers. A good example of this is the story of the bingo hall where 200 blondes were busy playing the same bingo game for hours without one single bingo. When one of them returned home and frustrated recalled the evening to her husband he took a look at her bingo ticket. When he saw that she had daubed only one number he asked her if there hadn't been other numbers called that evening. His wife told him there had not been any other numbers called. "So why didn't you ask the caller to check the bingo machine?" The wife shrugged 'he was blonde too.'

Put on the Glasses Granny

Many associate Bingo with old people and there are plenty of jokes on this theme. Little old ladies never use bad words except for when they hear someone shout "Bingo!" They might also turn to cursing when they hear the answer to this riddle. "What has balls and fools old ladies?" Why, the bingo machine of course! The little old ladies of the future will most likely be busy online in a 3D bingo hall where they can be busy chatting with other players. They might come across the comment "Put on the glasses and get your own chair Granny, you're trying to sit down in my lap and you've put your bridge in my whiskey!"

Blondes Playing Bingo Together

Sometimes the blonde girls try to help each other out playing Bingo as in the case with Marcy and Stacey. Marcy kept looking over Stacey's shoulder telling her to mark the numbers being called. Stacey started to get annoyed with the advice and she turned to her friend and asked why she didn't mark her own bingo card. Marcy shrugged and told Stacey with a sigh ? It is already full!?