A Look at Bingo Names and Implications

A Look at Bingo Names and Implications

From a bingo "knock at the door' (4) to 'one fat lady' (8) or even 'two fat ladies' (88), it must be said that bingo calling names add a certain appeal and even fascination to the entertaining bingo game. Although an understanding of such terms is not necessary for playing online bingo, it certainly provides an interesting trip down the bingo history lane.

Tradition of Bingo Calling Names

Number 69 as a Bingo Calling Name The number 69 has a few bingo calling names that all have sexual connotations. Among the different names are 'either way up', 'the same both ways' and 'your place or mine'. This needs no further explanation and is left to the reader's imagination.

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Number 76 as a Bingo Calling Name The number 76 in the game of bingo has the name of 'was she worth it'. This bingo calling name refers to the price of a traditional English marriage license that in the old days used to be seven shillings and six pence. This price could also be read as 7and 6, therefore arriving at the number seventy-six. This is perhaps one of the more humorous and creative bingo calling names in the game's repertoire.

Number 78 as a Bingo Calling Name The bingo calling name 'Heaven's gate' refers to the number 78. For this name, a link of the number seven is made with heaven and the heavenly and also rhyme is used to connect gate with eight. This is an example of the strong use of rhyme throughout the list of bingo calling names.

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Number 84 as a Bingo Calling Name The bingo number 84 involves a simple multiplication to produce the bingo calling name of 'seven dozen'. There are no complicated stories involved with this term ? just a simple explanation.

Number 88 as a Bingo Calling Name As for the number 88, this produces one of bingo's favourite terms 'two fat ladies'. The shape of the two number eights together could appear to look like the bodies of two fat ladies. This name could of course have originated upon the sight of two fat ladies in the bingo hall at the time when this bingo calling name was first used. Whatever the reason for the creation of this term as 88, this has become a well-known expression both inside and out of the bingo arena. The number 88 is also known as 'all the eights', which needs no explanation.

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Number 89 as a Bingo Calling Name As one reaches the number 89, the bingo calling names of 'all but one' and 'nearly there' are only too clear.

Number 90 as a Bingo Calling Name The same can be said for bingo number 90 that has the 'end of the line' as its calling name. The number 90 may be known as the 'end of the line' but really it is just the last of the numbers in a British bingo board. Online bingo players may note that there is certainly no necessity to memorize bingo calling names as these are not used in online bingo entertainment.