Some Bingo Names and their Meanings

Some Bingo Names and their Meanings

Long before online bingo became a conception and then a reality, bingo was played for years in bingo halls and rooms. As an added amusement and a way to enhance the players' enjoyment of the entertaining bingo pursuit, numbers have been called out to the players according to various bingo calling names.

Taking a look at Bingo Calling Names

The different names do sometimes vary according to the region in which the bingo game is being played.


Number 40 as a Bingo Calling Name

In the traditional game of bingo, the number 40 is also known as 'two score' and 'life begins at'. Perhaps it should be explained that a score is twenty and therefore two score is obviously forty. Thus the number 40 understandably becomes 'two score'. As for the bingo calling name of 'life begins at', this refers to a person's age and stems from the expression life begins at forty.

Number 45 as a Bingo Calling Name

In bingo calling terms, the number 45 is also known as 'halfway house' or 'halfway there'. As the game of bingo in Britain contains a possible 90 numbers on the board, the number 45 is therefore considered to be halfway out of the selection.

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Number 57 as a Bingo Calling Name

In the U.K. bingo halls, the number 57 is usually referred to as 'Heinz varieties'. This term relates to the slogan of 57 Varieties used for many of the Heinz products. The history for this slogan began many years ago in 1896 when Harry Heinz noticed an advertisement for 21 styles of shoes. Believing this to be a clever campaign, he chose a similar line for the marketing of the Heinz products. The number 57 was chosen for luck and not because of the number of varieties at the time, as there were then over 60 different Heinz varieties. The 57 Varieties slogan is still sometimes used today even though Heinz now has thousands of products. "Heinz varieties" as the bingo calling number 57 can still be found in the bingo arena.

Number 59 as a Bingo Calling Name

Although in the game of online bingo, players do not even have to step out of the front door, the calling name for number 59 has its roots in the public transport in Britain. The bingo calling name 'Brighton line' as number 59 not only rhymes but this represents the number of the bus service from London to Brighton.

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Number 64 as a Bingo Calling Name

With the bingo calling name 'The Beatles' number',the number 64 relates to the Beatles' hit song 'When I'm 64'. This number is a fine example of the variety of subjects used in bingo calling names and shows that the different topics covered have arisen from all walks of life.

Although at online bingo, there are no calling names and players may view the selected number on the screen, it should be remembered that bingo calling names may be considered a part of bingo's culture and history.