Bingo Names and Numbers

Names and Numbers at Bingo

Online bingo has become a popular form of entertainment and it should be noted that contrary to the common belief, bingo is not just a game for senior citizens. Players of all ages, over the age of eighteen, are able to access online bingo at the simple touch of a few computer buttons.

Appeal of Bingo Calling Names

Many people around the globe have found that online bingo is an easily accessible and fun type of amusement. When looking into the game of bingo, it becomes apparent that bingo calling names are an attractive element of the pursuit. All these bingo calling names seem to offer an added sense of interest to the game.

Bingo Calling Name for Number 9

In the bingo game, the number 9 is also known as 'Doctors orders'. This term originated from a pill that was used quite commonly in Britain at the time of the Second World War. This particular pill was known as the 'number nine' and was often prescribed for different complaints.

Bingo Calling Name for Number 10

As is the case with other bingo names, number 10 has more than one expression in the U.K. bingo halls. One of the popular bingo calling names for the number 10 is 'Downing Street'. The reason for this expression is that number ten on Downing Street is the residence of the British Prime Minister in London.

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Bingo Calling Name for Number 13

Among bingo gamers, the name 'unlucky for some' is often used for the number 13, due to the old superstition that 13 is an unlucky number. This number also has the bingo calling name of 'Baker's dozen' as this term represents the number thirteen. Once upon a time, English bakers are believed to have given out thirteen loaves of bread to those who requested twelve. A baker's dozen therefore became thirteen rather than twelve.

Bingo Calling Name for Number 17

The number 17 is also known as 'Dancing Queen' to bingo players. This bingo calling name arose from the pop group Abba's hit song 'Dancing Queen', presumably from the song's words "young and sweet, only seventeen'.

Bingo Calling Name for Number 18

In bingo circles, the number 18 is also known as 'coming of age'. When a person reaches an eighteenth birthday, it is now considered to be coming of age or the age when certain things are permitted, such as drinking alcohol and voting.

Bingo Calling Name for Number 21

Number 21 has received the additional calling name of 'key to the door ' among bingo players. Although reaching the age of eighteen is now often considered as coming of age, the former official coming of age of 21 is still viewed as a special number. Traditionally, people were given a gift of a key at the age of 21, representing a key to the door and suggesting independence.

For online bingo players, it is interesting to note that bingo calling names are a rich part of the game's history and culture