Bingo Popularity Growing Faster Than Poker

Bingo is very popular across the world. Although, poker has always been favoured in casinos and pubs, today it seems that bingo is moving ahead and is replacing poker in terms of being the most popular online game.

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Why Is Bingo Popular?

Bingo has always been a popular game but today its popularity has risen above the most famous game in the world: poker. Since there is no preparation required for playing online bingo, it means that anyone can play it and get it right on the first try. Bingo is a game that is all about luck and chance. Bingo unlike, poker is not a high risk game. Also with the case of online bingo, as the stakes involved are smaller and the cost of the investment lower, the chances of the game destroying ones life savings are almost second to none. Hence bingo is a safer game to play and holds no addiction risks to players, whereas poker is a game that has a high addiction risk and people are always worried that a poker player will lose all his or her wealth in one bad gamble.

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Online Bingo and Poker

In the beginning of the year 2008, poker was a dominating game in terms of popularity and one of the most preferred pastimes online. However, as the year progressed the popularity of poker has dropped and bingo has taken this position to the extent where you have huge online entity like 888 clammering to get a foothold in the bingo market with the attempted purchase of Cashcade in 2009, the online bingo operator.

Poker is a game of skill. It involves the use of many complicated strategies and requires that the player memorize a long list of rules, hand rankings and wager requirements. Poker also has a large buy-in and then further requires than players make bets and wager more money during the course of the game. When playing a game of poker, a player can either win or lose money. However, in the case of online bingo a player will only spend the cost of the bingo card. He or she does not have to make bets during the game or place a large buy-in to enter.

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Online Bingo Is More Popular Than Poker

The best part about playing online bingo versus playing poker is that you do not have to analyze anyones cards but your own and if you use an automatic dauber, you do not even need to concentrate much on the game!

In poker you have to keep your mind focused on the cards at all times. You have to pay close attention to the details of the game and understand it thoroughly to play it well.

There were a few external factors that brought about this change. After the UIGEA laws restricting playing poker in the US, the economic meltdown, and the various administrative moves that brought poker into a negative light, poker lost out on its popularity. Players can no longer afford to play these high risk games and the means of playing poker for real has been restricted by gaming laws.