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Different Bingo Terms for Online vs Offline Bingo

Different Bingo Terms for Online vs Offline Bingo

Both online and land-based bingo, bring with them a number of terms that will confuse the new bingo player. Although much of the terminology used is the same, because the nature of the games is somewhat different, each has some terminology that is unique. It is useful for the new player to make themselves familiar with the different bingo terms for online vs offline bingo games.

Bingo Hall Conversation vs Bingo Room Chat

To begin, when playing land-based bingo, players enter a bingo hall. Online, more in keeping with the Internet community, players enter a bingo room. Players of land-based bingo will find themselves sitting next to other players. Chatting is acceptable, but somewhat limited depending on the other players around you. It also makes it more difficult to hear the numbers being called if there is a lot of background noise created by players speaking to each other.

Social Bingo

On the other hand, online players are encouraged to chat. It is part of the online bingo experience. Chat rooms are available for the various games, in which players can chat about the current game and get to know each other as acquaintances, and even become friends. Players have a long list of bingo chat room lingo abbreviations, in order to chat with some speed.

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18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Blower vs Online RNG (Random Number Generator)

Bingo halls used to use blowers. This is a device that uses forced air to mix up the numbered bingo balls and then randomly releases them one at a time. Each random ball is called by the caller. Most modern bingo halls use a RNG machine that is usually electronic, and randomly generates the numbers called in each bingo game. Online bingo games use software powered by RNG's to generate the numbers. While they may use different graphics, possibly even something looking like the good old blower, they all use the RNG software.


While a land-based bingo caller helps to create the atmosphere of the gaming session by using the amusing bingo calling names, online bingo "callers" are often non-existent. Many bingo rooms will recreate the feel of land-based bingo halls, while others do away with the role of caller altogether. The role of caller is not really necessary in online bingo games because players are sitting right in front of the visual display, and the numbers are also flashed on the screen.


The dauber, or bingo marker used in live games is a foam-tipped ink-filled pen, which players use to daub the numbers that have already been called. Some bingo halls have wooden "cards" that are used. These cards are reusable and little shutters cover the numbers as the game progresses. While online bingo still use the term "daubing," they will often do it for the player. Either way, players doing their own daubing online do so by the click of a mouse button.