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Bingo Trivia

Online bingo players may often find that a mine of different information regarding the game of bingo can be found on the Internet. Online bingo sites contain more than just the amusing game of bingo. In addition to bingo fun and real prizes, Internet bingo locations also offer players a variety of useful information. History of the game of bingo is one. Land based bingo has been a popular pursuit for years, while the game of online bingo appears to be becoming increasingly popular in many places around the world. It is therefore interesting to take a look at some bits of information regarding the bingo game.

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18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Information at Online Bingo Locations

Online bingo sites also often present details of how to play bingo, bingo tips and online bingo strategies. Some locations may also offer trivia regarding bingo entertainment. Bingo trivia does not affect the way the game is played and may be completely useless, but may be entertaining for online bingo players.

Trivia about Bingo

Today, thanks to modern technology and the creation of the Internet, the online bingo pursuit may be located at many different gaming sites.

However, the game of bingo in its early days was not viewed as a gambling pursuit and was a part of Church fundraising activities.

It is said that when Bing Crosby was a child, his nickname was 'Bingo'.

The game of bingo that was played during the interval in movie theatres during the time of the Depression was known as 'Screeno'.

Free bingo pursuits may be located at online bingo sites.

Online bingo is a fun form of entertainment that may be accessed simply and played for pure amusement or for real money.

18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Trivia on Bingo Players

It is perhaps surprising to note that 30% of bingo players are aged under 35. This appears to contradict a common belief that bingo is played by senior citizens. Online Bingo seems to have made the pursuit easily accessible for all ages that is over the age of eighteen.

More women than men seem to play bingo and it is believed that approximately 80% of bingo players are female. Some believe that the reason for this may be that some of the females play for the social aspect of bingo entertainment.

95% of bingo players are believed to have won a game at some point in time. This is an encouraging aspect for newcomers to the world of online bingo.

The majority of British bingo winners are believed to spend their prize money on holidays.

Many bingo players also enjoy playing at the slot machines.

Among bingo players the number one reason for playing this pursuit is for enjoyment purposes. It may be surprising for many readers to note that winning as a reason for playing bingo comes in at only 5th.

Bingo trivia will not bring about a win at online bingo games, but it may provide a good source of conversation for the online bingo chat rooms.