Bingo Cards

When you play, the type of bingo cards that you will see is going to depend on what type of bingo you are actually playing. In the United States, traditional bingo is played, while in the United Kingdom, Housie is the name of the game. The basic bingo or Housie card is constructed from specialized paper or cardboard, though many bingo halls use computerized cards, and no traditional card is necessary when playing online.

Bingo cards are printed in a variety of different styles with a randomized set of numbers. Each player receives a random card and they check off the boxes as corresponding numbers are called out. The type of marker that a player uses will depend on what type of bingo card is being used, as markers and pens are ideal for paper cards and physical markers are ideal for reusable bingo cards.


The Traditional Bingo Card

In traditional bingo games, bingo cards bear a 5x5 grid of squares. The columns are labeled B-I-N-G-O, and each of the spots contains a number in the range between 1 and 75. The "B" column contains a random selection of numbers between 1 and 15. The "I" column contains a random selection of numbers between 16 and 30. The "N" column contains a random selection of numbers between 31 and 45, though the middle square on the grid is typically a "free space" and does not contain a number. The "G" column contains a random selection of numbers between 46 and 60. Finally, the "O" column contains a random selection of numbers between 61 and 75.

Due to the possibility of so many different collections of random numbers on a bingo card, it makes it less likely for multiple players in a game to get a BINGO win at the same time. It is virtually impossible for two players to have the same selection of numbers on their cards.

In UK Bingo, also known as Housie, bingo cards are referred to as tickets. They offer few similarities to traditional United States bingo cards. These cards contain a set of nine columns and three rows, for a total of 27 squares. Each of the three rows contains only five numbers and a total of four blank spaces, and each column can contain between one and three numbers.

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Housie Tickets

On a housie ticket, each column can contain nine or ten numbers in a range. The first column can contain the numbers between one and nine. The second column can contain the numbers between 10 and 19. Subsequent columns contain random samplings of numbers between 20 and 29, 30 and 39, 40 and 49, 50 and 59 and so on.

Bingo Cards And Housie

In Housie there are three main winning situations. A line means that all five numbers in a horizontal line are covered. Two lines mean that two of the three horizontal lines are covered. A full house means that all fifteen numbers on the Housie ticket are covered. Because of the difference in the layout of Housie tickets in comparison to bingo cards, there are not as many possibilities for winning in playing Housie than in bingo.

There are other variations on bingo cards that use letters, symbols and other images in place of number combinations. These specialty bingo cards may have a specific significance, bearing symbols that pertain to a certain holiday, region, hobby or other subject. These bingo cards are not typically played in traditional bingo halls, but are used for special occasions and events such as charity Bingo Games. When playing bingo, there are definitely a number of bingo card options to choose from, each providing a unique player experience.