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The Current Trend of Online Bingo

The Current Trend of Online Bingo

2007 showed a fall in the numbers of people playing bingo in land-based bingo halls. Some attribute this to the smoking ban that came into force in July 2007.

A Fall in Land-Based Bingo Hall Numbers

Smokers simply were not interested in going to bingo halls that had banned smoking. Bingo hall owners, however, did not attribute the lower player numbers to the smoking ban, and even though that was not the only reason that bingo halls began closing their doors, it certainly helped cause the reduction in numbers of land-based bingo players.

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18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Online Bingo - The Current Trend - Gains Popularity

At the same time, online bingo continued gaining in popularity. It seems that bingo players found that they could play the same game they had always enjoyed, and not forgo all their home comforts. At this time, online bingo certainly seems to be the current trend where bingo is concerned. Bingo halls had not changed much for decades, and it is likely that players wanted to make a change, and the change was to the online bingo world.

When Internet bingo was begun, land-based bingo hall owners feared the worst, that the trend would move towards online bingo rather than land-based bingo. Their worst fears were realized as the current trend, online bingo, became popular.

Online Bingo More Social than Land-Based Bingo

It is in the nature of bingo players to be sociable. Land-based bingo halls discourage talking during games. Online bingo's current trend is to encourage chat. Of course, those not wanting to type in chat rooms can choose not to, and will not be disturbed by other players. Online bingo chat rooms often also include extra games and competitions over and above the actual bingo games.

Bingo Player Stereotypes - Trends Change!

The typical stereotype of a bingo player used to be 'a little old lady' in a bingo hall. Things have changed, as they are expected to do, as nothing really stays the same. While the game still seems to attract more men than women, online bingo's current trend is that the player base is coming more from younger players who are both men and women. The game has moved out of its 'little old lady' groove. Of course, a large number of Internet savvy little old ladies are still enjoying the game, not only in bingo halls, but in their favorite Internet bingo rooms.

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Bigger and Better Bonuses in Online Bingo

Because online bingo has become the current trend in online gaming, players can now expect bigger and better bonuses and incentives. As soon as more competition hits online gaming, the different Internet bingo rooms offer better incentives to attract new players and to keep veteran players loyal to their sites.

All Day, Every Day

With online bingo being available to players all day, and every day of the year without a break, it certainly looks like playing online bingo, the current trend, is going to be around a long long time!