Difference between UK and US Bingo Cultures

You only have to read up a bit on the current state of bingo all over the world to realize that it has taken a hold over the collective consciousness of many different countries in a way that no other game ever has - or probably ever will. Like it or not, bingo has become an ubiquitous fixture in many big (and not so big) cities all over the planet, and it appears that it is here to stay. Almost every city has a place that is dedicated to this totally engrossing game, and the ones that don't will likely have a multipurpose function hall or similar type of venue wherein the locals can play the game from time to time.

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The U.S. and the U.K.: Worldwide Bingo Leaders

The two countries that are the undisputed leaders in the bingo world (at least as far as the sheer numbers of players go) are the United States and the United Kingdom. While the game of bingo is pretty much played the same way all over the world, it is to be expected that with the many differences between the two countries; cultures that they would have some differences in the way they approach bingo as well.

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Bingo Differences Between the Two Countries

One of the biggest differences in American and British bingo culture is in the way that the game is played. Perhaps owing to the faster paced and arguably more frenetic lifestyle of the country, bingo players in the United States tend to play the game much more intensely as well. For instance, while English players would be quite content to play only a few bingo cards at a time, it would not be unusual to see American players playing with as many as thirty cards at a time, and even taping them down in order to make it easier to mark them as the numbers are called out by the dealer. Many bingo halls in the U.S. also feature television monitors that display the numbers, making it easier to keep track of the numbers that have already been called.

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Commercial Bingo

In addition, many bingo games that are played in the United States and Canada are made up of a few different sections. For example, players may start out by trying to mark off a single line on their bingo cards, with subsequent portions of the game requiring players to mark off the entire card, and possibly even more than one card. As can be expected, many online bingo games intended for the U.S. market work pretty much in this manner as well.

Perhaps the most significant difference is how the bingo events are held. In the United States, bingo is played for commercial purposes only in casinos in Nevada and a few bingo halls operated by Native Americans. In contrast, bingo games in the United Kingdom are typically held in privately owned Bingo clubs, and the games are much more akin to social events than gambling. Bingo as played in the U.K. also generally attracts younger players than it does in the U.S.