Moving From Free Bingo to Real Money Bingo

Bingo Shift

The difference between free play bingo play and playing bingo for real money is the difference between milk and cheese: both are good and based on the same thing but they are fundamentally different. Making the bingo shift between free play and real money play is a good one to make, but you must be sure you're ready for it or otherwise you may get burned.


Why Play Online Real Money Bingo

Free play online bingo is great fun and it serves a number of great purposes. However, at some point it starts to feel a little like non-alcoholic beer; very nice but missing something important. Bingo was created to be a gambling game and not playing with money means missing a little bit of the essence of the game. Furthermore, as much fun as winning the game is, winning a prize is a million times better and in a world where there are literally millions of dollars being given away in bingo prizes every day why wouldn't you want to have a part of that.

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When to Move to Real Money Online Bingo Play

Some people start off playing in real money games and that's fine if you don't mind learning as you go along. However for those with more sense, they will play in free play bingo games until they have mastered both the intricacies of the game and the features of the site; only then will they move to real money online bingo games.

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How to Make the Shift to Online Real Money Bingo Play

If you are already playing free bingo games in an online bingo site you will find it very easy to make the shift to real money play. You will have to open a real Money account with the site and make a deposit into it. This will usually take no more than a couple of hours to get set up and running. You then simply go into the real money bingo lobby, select your game and start playing  moving from playing free bingo to bingo for real money is really as easy as that.

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Free Online Bingo to Real Money Bingo - a Two Way Street

It is very important to remember that online bingo sites offer their customers free bingo options and real money gaming options on an on going basis. It is not that free play bingo is just for beginners; rather you can access it at any time. Therefore, just because you are opting to move form playing free bingo to bingo for real money, this does not mean that you can no longer play free bingo, in fact you are encouraged to play both types of games.

As you can see, moving from playing free bingo to bingo for real money is not only easy but also hugely beneficial and highly advised. Playing bingo for money is great fun and very rewarding, so if you know the game, what are you waiting for?