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Glossary Bingo Calling Names

Glossary Bingo Calling Names

Sadly, bingo calling names are not quite what they once were. While calling names are still used, the exciting and fun names of yesteryear have mostly been abandoned.

To Call or Not to Call, that is the Question!

Occasionally, modern day bingo callers will call a number by using the old formulas, although in a game which is using the modern system of calling, this is fairly unusual. While some traditional bingo calling names can be quite offensive, while still being amusing, it seems that bingo players always took this in their stride.

Modern and Traditional Bingo Calling Names

Modern day bingo, both online and offline, follows quite a specific formula, which for those who have ever played in a game with traditional bingo calling names, is quite boring. Callers will, with some minor exceptions, call all two digit numbers as they are. For example, thirty-five will be called out as "Three and five, thirty-five." In traditional bingo calling, thirty-five would have been called as "Jump and jive, thirty-five." Double numbers that are called, for example sixty-six, will be called as "All the sixes, sixty-six." While that formula was also used in traditional bingo calling, sixty-six was also called as "Clickety click, sixty-six." When single digit numbers are called, the formula used, as in the example of the number six, is "Six on its own, number six." Traditional bingo callers would call "Tom's tricks, number six."

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A Partial Bingo Glossary of Traditional Bingo Calling Names

Number 2:

One little duck / Me and you

Number 3:

You and me

Number 7:

Lucky seven / God's in heaven

Number 11:

Legs eleven

Number 12:

One dozen / One and two - a dozen / Monkey's cousin (rhyming with "a dozen")

Number 13:

Unlucky for some / Bakers dozen

Number 14:

Valentine's day

Number 16:

Sweet sixteen / Never been kissed

Number 21:

Key of the door

Number 27:

Little duck with a crutch / Gateway to heaven

Number 29:

You're doing fine

Number 31:

Get up and run

Number 34:

Ask for more

Number 37:

A flea in heaven

Number 42:

That famous street in Manhattan

Number 44:

Droopy drawers / All the fours

Number 52:

Weeks in a year / Danny La Rue

Number 53:

Stuck in the tree

Number 57:

Heinz varieties

Number 65:

Old age pension

Number 69:

The same both ways / Either way up

Number 70:

Three score and ten / Blind 70

Number 71:

Bang on the drum

Number 72:

A crutch and a duck / Par for the course

Number 73:

Crutch and a flea / Queen B

Number 74:

Candy store

Number 75:

Strive and strive

Number 77:

Sunset strip / All the sevens / Two little crutches

Number 78:

Heavens gate

Number 79:

One more time

Number 81:

Fat lady and a little wee / Stop and run

Number 82:

Fat lady with a duck / Straight on through

Number 83:

Fat lady with a flea / Time for tea

Number 84:

Seven dozen

Number 85:

Staying alive

Number 86:

Between the sticks

Number 87:

Fat lady with a crutch

Number 88:

Two fat ladies / All the eights / Wobbly wobbly

Number 89:

Nearly there / All but one

Number 90:

Top of the shop / Top of the house / Blind ninety / End of the line