80 Ball Bingo Rules

Online bingo players have probably all heard of 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Not all online bingo players have heard of 80 ball bingo. Some may feel that 75 balls is simply too little, and some may feel that 90 balls is simply too much. Players can now choose the happy medium - 80 balls.

80 Ball Bingo Now

80 ball bingo is the brand new bingo game that many bingo players are talking about. 80 ball bingo had its beginnings in the United Kingdom. The land-based game from which online 80 ball bingo comes, being very similar, if not exactly the same, is either called "CashLine" or "ShutterBoard". The new game soon became popular online. It is easy to understand how to play 80 ball bingo, especially if the player has a knowledge of other bingo games. More information and the 80 ball bingo playing rules are outlined below.

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80 Ball Bingo Patterns and Bingo Cards

It has unique Bingo Cards or shutter boards. While shutter boards are used in land-based bingo games, where players slide the shutters over the numbers called instead of marking them off, a similar system is used for online bingo, where the players will see shaded numbers instead. Typically, 80 ball bingo cards are set out like a 4 x 4 square (4 numbers going down, and 4 numbers across) totaling 16 numbers per board. Usually, four numbers from each color group (explained below) are on each card. 80 ball bingo its own variety of game patterns, as do the 75 ball and 90 ball versions. The 80 ball version includes such patterns as diagonal bingo, vertical bingo, horizontal bingo, big X, four corners, blackout bingo, and centre square.

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80 Ball Bingo Call Board

Although not exactly the same, the call board is similar to the 75 Ball Bingo call board. The call board consists of five rows of sixteen numbers each, which brings the board to a total of the 80 possible numbers than can be called. Each set of 20 numbers is represented by a different color. Numbers 1 - 20 are red, numbers 21 - 40 are yellow, numbers 41 - 60 are blue, and numbers 61 - 80 are silver.

How to Play Bingo with 80 Balls

As in other bingo games, players purchase bingo cards. Numbers are called by the caller, and players mark off which numbers have been called. Online bingo sites usually have a caller that is both audible and visual. Often, numbers will flash as they have been called. Several cards can be played at the same time. It is easier to keep track of the marked off numbers when the software does it for the player. When the numbers needed to fill the pattern being played on a particular card have all been called, the player shouts out "bingo" to alert others that they have won. Online bingo playing rules would obviously entail pressing a "bingo" button, or in some cases, the program will inform the player that they have achieved a bingo.