90 Ball Bingo Rules

The most popular form of bingo all over the world is 90 ball bingo. The 90 ball bingo craze has rapidly swept across Internet gaming sites and looks like it will remain popular with bingo players for a long time to come. In land-based bingo halls, 90 ball bingo is the most popular form of bingo outside of the United States. Some refer to 90 ball bingo as British bingo.

90 Ball Bingo Rules vs 75 Ball Bingo Rules

The rules of 90 ball bingo are somewhat similar to 75 ball bingo rules with some differences, the most obvious of all being the number of bingo balls used. The numbers on the bingo card range from number one though number ninety, with a choice of 90 balls to be called by the bingo caller. The 90 ball bingo playing rules are a bit easier than the 75 ball bingo rules.

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90 Ball Bingo Card

The 90 ball bingo card is physically bigger than that of the 75 ball bingo game card. The card is set up in a grid with three rows and nine columns. Except for fifteen squares on the grid, the remaining squares are blank. The numbers shown on the card are totally random. This can make it slightly more difficult to find numbers when they are called. It also requires greater concentration on the players part.

In 90 ball bingo, the cards are called tickets. Six tickets are sold together in a single bingo card. The entire card (comprising the six tickets) will contain all 90 numbers distributed over all the tickets. The winning lines need to be on a single ticket out of the six available. Having a spread of all the numbers between one and ninety means that players must daub, or mark off, a number each time one is called.

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Aim of the Game

The winner is the player who is able to mark off all the numbers on their card before anyone else is able to do so.

How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

Bingo cards need to be purchased prior to beginning a game. Players may buy as many cards as they would like up to the limit set by the online casino, or land-based bingo hall, in which they are playing.

The caller will call out the numbers, which need to be marked off by the players.

There are three chances to win in the 90 ball bingo game. Players need to mark off one of these three winning patterns before shouting out bingo, either literally in a bingo hall, or figuratively (by using a mouse click) in online bingo. The winning patterns are as follows: Either a single horizontal line needs to have all numbers covered, or two horizontal lines need to be covered.

In order to win with a Full House, all three horizontal lines need to be covered. Each winning pattern carries a separate prize. Players continue playing for a Full House even if they have one one of the first two prizes.