Knowing When to Quit Playing Bingo for Money

Bingo Tips

Limits and setting oneself limits is a very important element of any game, and bingo is no exception. There are circumstances in which the best course of action is to stop playing for money, and hence knowing when to quit playing bingo for money can be an important skill to have.

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Bad Bingo Night - Call it a Night!

There is no reason at all to be throwing good money after bad and hence if you're not having a good night in your bingo hall, or in your online bingo site there's no shame in calling it a night. Whilst bingo is a game of chance, there is something to be said for good and bad runs. There are times when nothing seems to be going your way; this happens to even the most successful of players, but the reason that they are the most successful is that they leave before they've lost everything

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Quit Bingo before Breaking the Bank

You should always have a set amount of money that you are prepared to play with, whether this is in an online or offline bingo hall. You should also have a set amount of winnings that you'd like to have and a set amount of losses you're prepared to incur. If you see your pot disappearing before your eyes, then it might be time to quit playing bingo for money for that session - go over to free play for a while. Equally if you have a big win, then it's also time to quit playing bingo for money for a while; cash out your winnings, try your luck at another game, or treat yourself to something special with your winnings.

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Quit Playing for Money, Start Playing for Free

Another important element in this setting limits for yourself idea is related to time. If for example you have loaded that you are happy to part with in the course of a day, you must pace your play in order that it will last for the amount of time you want it to last for. In this vain, you can play loads of cards all at the same time, or you can ration them out. Alternatively you could intersperse money play bingo with free play bingo, and use this free alternative as a way of making your money play bingo last longer.

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Knowing When to Quit Playing Bingo for Money - The Sinister Side

Whilst there are good reasons to know when to quit playing bingo for money in the short term, or for strategic purposes, there are also reasons for quitting it for a longer time. Bingo is a gambling game and gambling can be addictive. Therefore if you find yourself needing to play rather than wanting to play, if you find yourself gambling with money that you can't spare, or if you find yourself in a bingo site rather than doing other things you need to be doing, it may be time to take a longer break.