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Land vs. Online Bingo

Differences between Land Bingo & Online Bingo

It should be noted that there does seem to be a difference between the speed of the game at land-based and online bingo pursuits. Land based bingo appears to be played at a slower pace, while online bingo is a faster game.

Location Differences at Land and Online Bingo Entertainment

One of the main differences between land-based bingo and online based bingo is the actual location of the entertainment from the point of view of the player. In order to play land bingo games, a player needs to go out or travel to the bingo hall, while online bingo entertainment may be accessed from a location of choice that has a computer. Some people prefer to go out to enjoy their bingo entertainment, while others prefer the convenience involved in playing online bingo. Speed of Play at Land and Online Bingo Entertainment.

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18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Offers at Online Bingo Games

As a part of the marketing package of online bingo, players will find that there are constantly new offers and promotions available at online bingo locations. Seemingly as a method of attracting new players to the online bingo scene and of maintaining present customers, online bingo location operators offer various promotions and incentives. Such offers may be in the form of special one time bonuses and rewards for regular players. In general, it also appears that online bingo players have the opportunity to win larger prizes than those available at land-based bingo locations.

Calling Names at Land Based Bingo

The tradition of using calling names rather than numbers is used at land bingo locations. This custom of bingo calling names at land-based locations is a fun aspect of the game that is unfortunately not present in online bingo.

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18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Age of Bingo Players

The issue of age is another area in which there are differences between land-based and online bingo players. In general, players that frequent bingo halls tend to be of the older generation, while online bingo players are inclined to be somewhat younger. Bingo halls seem to have a stigma attached involving senior citizens, while in contrast, online bingo entertainment can appeal to all ages - that is over the age of eighteen.

Bingo Gaming Atmosphere

Some players who enjoy bingo entertainment at land-based locations enjoy the live social atmosphere of bingo at a bingo hall. One has to note that this social aspect is probably one of the main differences between land bingo and online bingo entertainment. As a player of online bingo plays at the computer rather than sitting next to others, this is an obvious difference between the two methods of play. Many online bingo locations do offer a chat feature in which online bingo players may communicate with each other during the game and there are online bingo sites that boast a bingo community to enhance the enjoyment of their customers.

Both land bingo and online bingo have their own attributes, but there are several differences between the two ways of playing the same game.