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Men Playing Bingo

The Trend for Men to Play Bingo

Men playing bingo? That is unheard of isn't it? After all isn't the game something that only women above a certain age can enjoy? Well, allow us to dash those misconceptions into the ground before they get even further. The fact is that bingo is a game that can give even the fastest paced, most intense casino games a run for their money in terms of sheer excitement level and undeniable thrills. So if you feel that bingo is somehow beneath your worth as a big, bad, macho male player - think again.

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Just for Women Bingo Players? Not Anymore!

Of course we would be the first to admit that bingo has always attracted scores of women bingo players for some reason. Maybe women gamblers of old weren't really given a lot of opportunities to join in on games that were the exclusive domain of men, or maybe there is something in the game that those of the female persuasion simply find appealing. In any case, bingo seems to pull in a lot more women than it does men, although it appears that is beginning to change.

Bingo Growing In Numbers

The popularity of bingo is not in question here. The game has after all consistently attracted increasing numbers of new bingo players every year, and the trend is likely to continue in the future. In fact, the number of bingo players who signed up to play in bingo halls all over the United States in 2006 was even higher than the combined movie theatre and bowling alley attendance within the same period! Things are pretty much the same in the online world, where bingo web sites are some of the hottest tickets around.

More Male Bingo Players Getting in on the Action

What is interesting to note is that while the majority of bingo players who frequent both online and real world bingo venues are still women, the trend seems to be moving towards more male bingo players joining in on the fun and games. A visit to your local bingo hall will make this quite apparent, and you will likely see several male bingo players intently checking their bingo cards along with all the other familiar bingo hall denizens. Another interesting statistic is that the average age of bingo players today seems to be somewhere in the early 40s, which is a lot younger than what most people would expect. These are only a few signs that seem to point out that men are falling for the game in a big way.

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18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Bingo Players Becoming Younger

And why not, after all? The game is definitely not lacking in the excitement department, and playing a game or two yourself will quickly make that quite obvious. There are also numerous variations to the basic bingo game, which means that even the most attention-span-challenged male bingo player will have plenty to be occupied with! And of course the fact that women bingo players still currently out number men by a large margin can't hurt!

While female bingo players will probably always out number the men, it seems that we will likely see more and more bingo players in the future both online and offline.