Tips for Playing with Multiple Bingo Cards

Playing bingo with multiple bingo cards can increase the chances of being the one to call out "Bingo!" first. However, for some players, this is not the case.


Keep the Number of Bingo Cards at a Manageable Level

If players do not keep their Bingo Cards at some kind of manageable level, the object of playing with multiple bingo cards is defeated. If a player has say 10 bingo cards, but they miss the chance to call out "Bingo!", then they would be far better off by play fewer cards.

Tips for Playing with Multiple Bingo Cards

When choosing which cards to play, it is helpful to try ensure that they have numbers that do not seem too similar. If a player chooses a few different cards, with different numbers, there is more chance of one of the cards winning. While the odds may be stacked in the players favour when playing with multiple bingo cards, it is also useful to keep in mind that each card costs money to buy. The more cards that a player plays per game, the higher the stakes of the game are for that player.

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A Useful Online Bingo Playing Tip - Auto Daubing

Daubing is the act of marking off the numbers, as they are called, on the players bingo cards. In land-based casino halls, players use special daubing pens, which is one of a few methods, which are used to mark off the numbers. In online bingo games, daubing is done by a tap of the mouse pointer on the screen. The option to use auto daubing, where the software finds the numbers for the player, is certainly the best way to go when playing with multiple bingo cards. There is no better way to keep track of numerous cards at the same time.

Maximum Enjoyment Using Multiple Cards

It is important to remember that while winning is the aim of the game, that bingo is a sociable game. If playing with too many cards at one time spoils your playing pleasure, and the game becomes stressful, then perhaps it is time to reduce the number of cards used per game.

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Concentration Levels Need to Remain High

When playing bingo with multiple bingo cards, it is important that the player remain alert from the beginning of the game right through the end of the game. In land-based casino halls, players can often purchase snacks and some alcohol. Players who are playing bingo for the whole evening and who are also drinking alcohol may find that their concentration has been impaired and that they are not quick enough at finding the numbers on multiple bingo cards. Not only could they find this a problem, but they could also find that they bought too many cards and went over their self-imposed budget for the gaming session.

Online Practice Games

Always useful to the online bingo player is the chance to make use of free online bingo rooms. If there is one bingo winning tip that any player follows, it should be to ensure that enough practice games have been played to test out the game before putting any real money on the line.