Bingo Names

Starting with pre-school where children are too young to know their numbers and play with pictures of animals, to senior citizens who take their weekly Bingo game very seriously, the draw of Bingo is hard to resist. And now there’s a new twist to traditional Bingo, and that is online Bingo.

Bingo at Home

Now you can play in the privacy of your home without having to elbow your way into a seat at a crowded table in a smoke-filled Bingo hall. And the variety is much greater. Like playing slots at a casino, you have many different games to choose from and don’t have to wait for your favourite game to be played because you make the choice. Just look around until you find a name that gets your attention and start playing. And if you think that it couldn’t be as fun as a traditional Bingo game because there’s no interaction with other players, you’re wrong! Online Bingo offers the ability to chat with other players and so even though you’re sitting at home in front of your computer, you’re not really alone.

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Names of Bingo Games

There are so many different games to choose from. Most of us know the regular games, such as filling your card with a straight-line either horizontally, diagonally or vertically, as well as four corners, and letters such as “T,” “E,” or “L.” But there are other games to choose from such as Blood, Sweat and Tears, where you fill one Bingo Card with three bingos.

There’s Bingo Six Pack where you make a pattern of six numbers consisting of two rows of three. You can try your hand at Bingo Nine Pack where you fill a square of nine numbers, or Bingo Eight States where you fill the numbers around the free space in the centre. There’s Bingo Postage Stamps where you fill two squares containing four numbers on one card, with each square in a corner of the card.

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More Bingo Games

How about Bingo Kite and Tail where you fill in a diagonal and one of the corners that runs through the diagonal to make a picture of a kite? You can choose Bingo Top and Bottom, which is (obviously) where you fill in the top and bottom rows, or Bingo Dotted Picture Frame where you fill in every other space on the card. And, of course, Bingo Cover All, which I hope I don’t need to explain! And these are just a few of the games offered.

Believe it or not, winning money is only the fifth reason that people play Bingo, with enjoyment being the number one reason. So if you haven’t played online Bingo yet, give it a try! Just be careful, it’s so much fun that you may find it hard to call “last game.”