Non-Monetary Prizes in Bingo

It is almost common knowledge that the main reason for most people to play bingo games is the chance to win some money in the process. Sure, the game provides plenty of fun and excitement in itself, and this is often enough for the more avid fans of the game to stick it out hour after hour in the hopes that all the right numbers are called and they will be the first to shout out that magic word 'bingo!'.

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Playing Bingo for Non-Monetary Prizes

That being said, the chance to win what could be a pretty respectable amount of money is an undeniable attraction for many. No matter how much you do enjoy the game and it is undoubtedly quite enjoyable once you get the hang of it after a game or two - you have surely entertained hopes of bagging that prize at some point or another.

Monetary Prizes Attract

There are times however when the game of bingo is played without money changing hands in any way. There are actually bingo games offering non-monetary prizes that are held purely for amusement, and these games are subject to some pretty stringent legal requirements. For instance, games that offer non-monetary prizes are not allowed to charge any type of fee for whatever reason. As you can see, the fact that money doesn't change hands at all goes both ways.

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Merchandise For Prizes

The organizers of games that offer non-monetary prizes are bound by law not to collect any type of admission fee, nor are they allowed to charge the players a fee for the bingo cards, sheets, materials to make marks on the bingo cards, and virtually everything else that is used in the game. In the same way, the organizers are not allowed to collect any money in the way of tips or donations from the bingo players participating in the said event. On the other side of the coin, the players will only get non-monetary prizes in the event of a winning Bingo Card. These prizes can be anything from merchandise, services, or a combination of both. In addition, some of these types of bingo events even place a restriction of the value of the non-monetary prizes, which is typically one hundred pounds or less.

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Non-Monetary Prizes with Minimal Fees

There are other bingo games that offer non-monetary prizes that may be allowed to charge a nominal fee for the materials used in the game, although the cost is fairly negligible, typically around twenty five pence for everything necessary to play the game. In addition, all of the money that is made from these materials will beused only to pay for the prizes of the winners - which may be monetary or non-monetary prizes - and no profit will be made by the organizer whatsoever.

Village Halls On The Alert

Local community laws tend to be quite vigilant with the activities of games that bill themselves as offering non-monetary prizes, and they tend to come down quite heavily on operators who are found in violation of these restrictions. These games are often held in local community centres or town halls and they can provide quite an enjoyable experience if you aren't after winning a cash prize.