Online and Land Bingo

In the years before the staggering rise to prominence of the Internet, bingo fans and players had one basic choice as to how they could satisfy their cravings for the sometimes fast moving, addictive game. They would be either getting on a bus, into a taxi, into their car, or walking down to a bingo hall or community centre that offered bingo games. This traditional forum for playing bingo has come up against a serious challenger in the last several years, since the Internet began taking over a greater and greater part of everyone's lives. More and more bingo halls' doors are closing for the last time. Even though this is the case, there are still plenty of places to play land based bingo, and there are an increasingly common number of places to play online bingo. The following paragraphs explain the significant difference between online and land bingo.

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Differences Between Land and Online bingo

For anyone planning to play bingo for the first time, it is helpful to understand the numerous differences between the newer online bingo websites and the traditional land based bingo halls and community centres. In this way, individuals will be able to contemplate which format makes more sense for them personally. Both sides have their upsides and downsides, although online bingo boasts of more advantages.

Comfort and Convenience Factor of the Bingo Location

The first difference between online and land bingo revolves around an individual's comfort. When a person chooses to go play land based bingo games, then he or she will be required to get there somehow. On top of this, the individual will have to know where to go to find the Land Based Bingo. This has become increasingly more complicated as land based bingo places close up with greater frequency faced with the stiff competition offered by online bingo sites. With an online bingo site, the person is able to sit comfortably on his or her favorite easy chair or sofa, or presumably even on the bed, assuming that the individual has a wireless Internet connection. Online bingo also offers the convenience of automatic card checking, while land based bingo places make players check their own cards. There is also the possibility of human error that is eliminated with these online bingo sites, since the computer is checking the cards. This means that an online bingo player will not inadvertently forget to call his or her full house.

18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Payout Rates Factor of the Bingo Location

A second important difference between online and land bingo has to do with the rates of payout and jackpots. Land based bingo halls commonly have a significant staff that have to be paid. The premises must be kept up to a certain luxurious standard, too, and all of this requires money. Furthermore, high tax rates are required of bingo halls. All of this takes potential money away from the jackpot payouts. Conversely, online bingo sites are mostly based in nations that look favourably on their activities and charge a more reasonable tax rate. They also maintain far smaller staffs and have no fine premises that must be kept up. This translates to more money left over for the payouts and jackpots, leading to significantly better rates of payout from the online bingo sites.

Promotions and Bonuses

Even though land based bingo halls may come with a nice socialising aspect to them, they have never been in the practice or habit of paying people to try them out. Online bingo websites will literally pay players to register and try them with enticements known in the sector as free bingo sign-up rewards or offers. They give other promotions when first and recurring deposits are made as well. These types of online bingo site promotions are not simply featured now and again, but every day.