Playing Bingo World Wide

Online Bingo Now a Global Game

Hard as it is to imagine, there was a time not so long ago when online bingo was not the global phenomenon that it is today. In fact, many accounts place the first online bingo game to have been played only as recently as 1996, when the free online bingo game "Bingo Zone" was released to less than overwhelming player response. Another early entrant into the online bingo scene was "Uproar", which received a little bit more attention.

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Bingo Online Worldwide

Granted the widespread use of the Internet for entertainment purposes was still in its relative infancy back then, but it is still surprising that online bingo took that long to take off. Nevertheless, the game began to take on a life of its own, sweeping through the rest of the online world until it became the cyber gaming behemoth that we recognise today. Today the game is a certified worldwide hit, with millions of people playing it on a regular basis on any one of the hundreds of online bingo web sites available online.

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The Growth of Online Bingo

From its early somewhat modest beginnings, online bingo has managed to capture a huge share of the online gaming market and is now one of the biggest grosser in the gaming world. Recent estimates dating from 2006 place the total earnings of online bingo all over the world at a staggering 500 million during that year, and that figure didn't even include revenues generated by online bingo players from the United States.

Taking the income generated from that country into the equation would surely take the figure much higher, since the United States is certifiably bingo crazy, with thousands of people playing the online version on a regular basis. In any case, that figure is expected to balloon even further. With a year-by-year growth rate, it's expected that total revenues from online bingo for 2011 will reach an astounding 1.2 billion, again without even taking the revenue from U.S. players into consideration.

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Wide Variety of Online Bingo Players

As you can imagine, the clientele of online bingo is a huge and diverse lot, with players from the United States and the United Kingdom making up the majority portion. The game attracts players from several countries as well, and surprisingly enough, the largest number of online bingo players is in the 18-year-old to 44-year-old range. If you thought that online bingo was played mostly by elderly players, this serves as a bit of an eye opener indeed. In fact, the number of players that are past the age of 45 tapers off quite sharply, with only 12% of the online bingo player base being made up of people aged 55 to 64 years old, and there are even less players who are 65 years old or more. What explains this age range, when bingo is noticeably filled with older players in the real world? More likely the fact that online bingo is played on a computer, which less senior players are inclined to be familiar around, probably explains why online bingo is much more popular with younger generations than landbased bingo clubs.