Opening a Bingo Account

Your Guide to Setting Up a Bingo Account

Below we tell you how simple it is to set up and register for an online bingo account.

Opening a Bingo Account

The first step to getting in on the online bingo action is of course to choose a suitable online bingo site and to then open a bingo account. A bingo account will allow you to store your personal details as well as deposit and withdraw cash to and from the bingo website of your choice. Opening an account may sound daunting but it will only take a minute or two and once you have registered your account and confirmed your email address, you will never have to worry about any admin-related tasks when it comes to playing bingo.

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Where to Open a Bingo Account

One of the biggest influences when it comes to opening a bingo account is the question of where. Obviously you would want to choose a bingo site that you trust. Experienced online gamblers might already know some trusted sites whereas beginners can trust references from friends and bingo review sites. Look at independent bingo review sites to get a couple of bingo site names. Then do some research on the site by typing the name into your favourite search engine and looking out, in particular, for any negative publicity. Things to watch out for are websites who do not pay out promptly or who are involved in legal battles.

Reputable Bingo Companies

The most important thing to remember is that you should be comfortable with trusting the bingo site with your money. Make sure that they are licensed, that citizens from your country are allowed to join them, and that they have their income audited by a reputable audit company like Price Water House Coopers.

How to Open a Bingo Account

When you have found a site that you want to join, look for a link or a button that says 'sign up', 'register', or something along those lines, and click on this link. The link will then open up a sign up or registration page, on which you will have to complete your personal details.

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Registering Your Details

Although registration pages will differ, they mostly have the same information fields. There will be a name field in which you will have to enter your first and last name, and password fields in which you will choose and repeat your password choice. There will also be an address field in which you will have to enter your physical and or postal address. It is normally a good idea to enter the address that your credit card is linked to, if you have one. The registration page will also ask in which country you live and in which currency you would like to play in. Lastly you can expect to be asked a couple of questions on whether you accept the online bingo site's terms and conditions and whether you would like for them to send your e-mail updates on special events, promotions, and competitions.