The Origin of Bingo Cards

Where Do Bingo Cards Come From?

Starting in Italy it passed to France and then to other regions in Europe before finding its home in the gambling parlours and Bingo Halls of America. And like most things American, Bingo too owes its success to its forefathers and the people that had the foresight to keep this game alive in one form or another for so very long.

Bingo Card History

Like most great games in history Bingo had a very humble beginning, at least in America. Bingo actually has its roots in the fifteenth century in Italy. While at that time it was played as more of a lottery, the basic premise of the game has remained mostly unchanged however.

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Beans Fade Out

The name of the game, once again like many games, happened essentially by accident. When the game was first brought over to the United States it was merely viewed as a carnival game. It was a very successful carnival game, however, and before too long the game was being duplicated. At the time it was called 'Beano' because beans would be placed on the cards instead of the familiar markers we have come to love today. Once the pattern was made with the beans the winning person when call out, "Beano!" According to legend, a game was being held in a private residence when a very excited patron yelled out "Bingo!" instead of the familiar Beano and the rest is history.

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Bingo Card Evolution

Bingo wasn't initially designed to be the widespread, massive player game that is has evolved into. But this turning point in its evolution happened to the game of Bingo very quickly. In fact, it was a church in Pennsylvania that saw the potential for a very wide player base and approached the founder to construct cards that would be able to accommodate more players. The problem with the first design of the cards was that there were only so many possible number combinations which would have resulted in multiple winners during the same game. After approaching the designer of the Bingo game the cards were changed to allow for a greater degree of variability and the church was able to have its fundraiser. Bingo has since become a fund raising staple for churches all across the country.

Nothing New Under the Sun

The beauty of the Bingo Card has always been its simplicity. In fact, this might be the very reason that drew you to the game in the first place. With that being said every new idea that is dreamt up and every new card design that you stumble across has been tried at some point by someone sometime before. What this means is that there is truly nothing new to a game that has been around for as long as the game of Bingo has.