Bingo Rules - How To Play

Most of the rules for online bingo are not dissimilar to the land based game only that the software used does most of the work.

How Online Bingo Differs from Land-Based Bingo

Playing online bingo is very similar to playing land-based bingo. Learning how to play online bingo is somewhat easier than playing in a land-based bingo hall as the software will do much of what is needed. Playing online is more convenient than going to a bingo hall and the prize money is often much higher than in land-based games.

While land-based bingo is a very social game, online bingo also has elements of socializing with the other players. There is a chat facility available in online bingo rooms, where players can chat with each other in a group chat, or click on another player's name for a private chat. Most sites will also allow players to ignore certain other players if they find that they are chatting too much.

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What Do I Need to Begin Playing Online Bingo?

In order to play bingo online, players need a fairly updated computer that is connected to the Internet, along with a web-browsing program.

How to Play Online Bingo

1. The first thing that new online bingo players need to do is register on an online bingo gaming website. When play begins, the site will generate a random bingo card for the player. Multiple Bingo Cards can be played at all bingo sites and some even allowing players to play up to 50 cards at one time.

2. Basic bingo rules specific to the site you are on will be displayed, along with the number of bingo cards you have selected for the game. A list of previously called numbers will be displayed, along with the names (or screen names) of all those playing in the same session.

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3. The bingo cards are five by five square grids with numbers between one and seventy-five randomly placed on them.

4. The computer software then calls out numbers one to seventy-five randomly. Players compare the number called with the numbers on their card/s in order to mark off the ones that they have. Often, the Bingo Software will do this for the player. Before beginning play, players will be informed of a particular pattern that needs to be achieved in order to win on a bingo card. Once the marked-off numbers form the predetermined pattern, the player wins the bingo game.

Things to Remember and Tips

If a player is marking off the cards themselves, and it is not being done automatically by the software, it is advisable that no more than three or four Bingo Cards are used for a game, as it can be difficult to keep track of all the numbers that need to be marked off. When a player has achieved a bingo, it is important to click the mouse on the "bingo" button as shouting out "bingo" as is done in a land-based bingo room will not help the player win their game!