The Social Side of Land Based Bingo

Bingo is played in parlors, family get-togethers, and at social gatherings all across the world. It is even used as a fundraiser event. Bingo is a game based entirely on numbers and is very popular in the U.S. and the UK.


What is Land Based Bingo?

In the game of Bingo the numbers are selected randomly and then called, the players are then required to mark these numbers on their bingo cards. The player who matches the called number in a specified pattern on his card wins the game. The bingo cards contain 5x5 matrices and are printed electronically. The first player who completes matching all the numbers on his bingo card to those being called wins the game, by shouting out 'bingo'

Popularity of Land Based Bingo

Bingo has long been associated with social gatherings because the game has escaped the stigma of gambling and is accepted as an entertaining and harmless game. It is played by thousands of people at various locations who like to gather together in the bingo hall and sit to play a game of bingo.

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Today, the game of bingo has been put on the Internet and people can play bingo while sitting at home. However, land based bingo still has an edge over online bingo in that it gives the bingo players an opportunity to socially interact with each other. It is used to promote social gathering all over the world allowing people from a neighborhood to meet at a common place and play bingo.

The Thrills of Bingo

Bingo is a popular game and depends on chance. The game of bingo is being used as a fundraiser event, and has become a popular parlor game that many of the elderly people frequent on a weekly basis. People have always loved playing this game due to the presence of the bingo prize which anyone can win and the thrills that arise from playing this game of chance where anything can happen.

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It is definitely a social game because no matter who wins or loses the game, people get entertained. Also, in land based bingo, the bingo players do not wager anything on the game, but only pay out the cost of the bingo card, which is often less than a pound.

Land Based Bingo and Online Bingo

Today, many find that although land based bingo is popular, it is being overshadowed by online bingo. The introduction of online bingo has resulted in the rising popularity of the game itself because of the availability of the option to play the game right from your home. A bingo player does not have to go out and sit in a bingo hall and wait for others to call out numbers and match them on his card.