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Speed of Online Bingo vs. Land Bingo

Fast Play at Online Bingo

Thanks to sophisticated technology, online bingo enables a speedy and exciting game. In most cases, it is believed that land bingo probably offers a rather slower form of entertainment, with the element of bingo calling names as an integral part of the game.

18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

A Step Ahead

Online bingo has earned a reputation for fast paced entertainment. This form of online entertainment is certainly generally considered to be faster than playing land bingo games. In land bingo, the calling out of the different numbers selected with their various bingo names is viewed as an important part of the game. This feature has become part of the tradition of land-based bingo. In contrast, the calling or viewing of the numbers selected at online bingo games can take place in much less time. Therefore, when comparing the speed at online bingo and land bingo entertainment, it is quite apparent that online bingo is faster.

New Games at Online Bingo vs. Land Bingo

When playing bingo at a land-based location, participants need to begin all at the same time at a game that is usually scheduled in advance. In comparison, online bingo provides players with the advantage and flexibility regarding to starting time. First of all, it should be noted that online bingo may be played at all hours in many different locations around the world. Online bingo offers the convenience for players to play from a location of choice at any time of day or night. At many sites offering online bingo entertainment, there is a new game starting every few minutes. The possibility to begin playing online bingo within a matter of minutes also adds to the impression of speed of the game. If a player does not have to wait around for an official beginning time, then the game itself appears to be faster. This means that in the same time frame, more online bingo games may be played than land bingo games.

18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly

Auto Daub Feature at Online Bingo

The special feature of auto daub that is available at many online bingo sites enables players to let the computer do the work! Using the auto daub means that bingo numbers that are selected are automatically marked off on a player's card ensuring that nothing will be missed. This of course makes the bingo action faster and often contributes to the speed of online bingo play. When the auto daub feature is used, this also gives the player the opportunity to play several Bingo Cards at the same time. This of course means that more bingo can be played in a shorter period of time.

Speed Bingo at Online Bingo

Speed bingo is also a type of bingo game that is available via the Internet. True to its name, this game is particularly fast and numbers are thrown out at a high speed. This is fast, this is fun and this is speed bingo.

Players accessing online bingo entertainment will find that not only are promotions, incentives, cash prizes, comfort and convenience offered, but also a fast and fun game.