Bingo Trivia

It has taken the US by storm, and remains more popular in America today than anywhere else on earth. A great deal of bingo trivia exists, and it can be fun to share with friends. The following paragraphs go through a number of bingo trivia's little known, interesting facts.

The International Names of Bingo

As the game originated in Italy, it had an Italian name first. Here it was first known by the name "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia." It still bears this name in Italy today. North America first called bingo by the name of "beano" in the earliest mentions of the game. France referred to it as "Le Lotto." In Australia, New Zealand, and some places in India, a variation on bingo is called "Housie."

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Brief History of English Speaking Bingo

The game was eventually renamed to Bingo in the Anglo-American world by a man named Edwin Lowe. A toy salesman centeeed in New York, he was near an ongoing bingo game when he heard a person cry out "Bingo" rather than "Beano." Lowe was taken with the variation on the name and pooled his efforts with Carl Leffler, a math professor. Together they further developed the game of chance and put in a few variations, such as adding to the possible numbers of combinations in the game. Bingo as it is known in Great Britain and the United States was born.

Why Bingo Became So Popular

Bingo rose into the mainstream success that it enjoys today because it became commonly associated with fundraisers. Churches were the first to see the potential for bingo on a large scale in money raising for charitable uses. Bingo managed to escape the stigma of gambling since pure chance remained the key element of the game and a winner emerged every round. All the different groups in Christianity embraced it as a result.

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Bingo and the Fairer Sex

Bingo has legions of fans these days. The vast majority of them turn out to be women. Experts estimate that fully eighty percent of all bingo players are females.

Variations on the American form of Bingo Game

The original form of bingo is actually significantly different than that popularly played in the United States today. Other countries, such as Great Britain, Italy, and throughout Europe, use bingo tickets that contain 90 numbers. The North American version possesses only 75 such numbers. This 90 ball version remains the most popular format of bingo on earth. It is played this way in all of the English speaking countries besides the United States and Canada, such as in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India.

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How Bingo Trivia is Played

Bingo fans love to get together and play trivia when they are not engaging in their beloved game itself. Bingo triviais commonly played utilising bingo cards. This makes sense since the bingo players are so fanatical about every aspect of the game.

90 Ball Bingo Number Nick Names

The British get bored with calling out numbers ranging from one to ninety all day long. Apparently, the players also tired of this tedious practice in the past. To address it, UK bingo players invented a system of fun, often nonsensical nicknames for every bingo number on their tickets. Among these are Young and Keen for 15, Two Little Fleas for 33, Tow Little Ducks for 22, Two Fat Ladies for 88, Gateway to Heaven for 27, Get Up and Run for 31, Clickety Click for 66, and Danny La Rue for 52.