An Overview of the Different Types of Bingo Games

Basic Guide To Bingo Games

When you made the decision to play bingo online, you may have thought that it was a fairly simple pursuit, and that you can simply log on to the first web site you come across and be knee deep in a fascinating game of bingo in no time at all, right? Well, as you may have realized for yourself already, it can be a lot more complicated than that. Log on to any decent sized online bingo web site and you just may well be overwhelmed by all the different types of online bingo games currently available! While basically similar at the core, the differences between them may be enough to leave you quite confused. Here we have presented a basic guide to the different types of bingo commonly available.

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Cover All Bingo

This is by far the simplest variation of bingo around, and it is definitely the easiest one to get started playing. Winning at cover all bingo simply involves being the first player in the game to get a mark on all the numbers in the bingo card. The beauty of this variant is that you can just as easily win with one Bingo Card as you can with two or more, since there is no way to guess which numbers will be called.

Cover all bingo also offers the added advantage of offering a higher jackpot than the other bingo variants. The downside is that you will have to get a mark in all the numbers in your card before the 41st ball is called. After this, the amount of the jackpot reduces considerably.

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Regular Bingo

As the name implies, regular bingo is quite easy to play as well. For starters, there are actually three ways to win with this variant of the game. You can win by forming a horizontal line with your marked numbers, forming a vertical line with your numbers, or by forming a diagonal line with your numbers. Any one of these achievements will get you the jackpot. The drawback to this game is that since there is more than one way to win, the jackpot prize can be quite a bit smaller.

Four Corners Bingo

In this variant of bingo, you are better off playing as many bingo cards as possible. This is because wins in this variant are determined by only 4 numbers, namely: B1, B5, 01 and 05. Since there is obviously one of each number on every bingo card, playing with more than one card will greatly increase your chances of winning.

Diamond Bingo

The Diamond Bingo variant of the game actually comes in two flavors. The first one involves getting marks on the numbers that form a clear diamond pattern. These numbers are B3, I2, I4, N1, N5 and O3. The other type uses only 4 numbers, namely: B3, N1, N5 and lastly, O3.