Understanding Progressive Bingo

In order to play a bingo game with a progressive jackpot, players do not need to do anything, apart from choosing to play regular bingo in a bingo room, either a land-based bingo hall, or an online bingo room, which offers a progressive jackpot. Playing in a bingo room with a progressive jackpot is one of the ways of how to win big at bingo.

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Understand Progressive Bingo Jackpots

In order to understand progressive bingo, it is important to have a basic knowledge of what a progressive jackpot is. Progressive jackpots are jackpots which increase in size for each game that is played until the prize is won. When playing gambling games on machines, or online, multiple machines are linked together, so the jackpot increases more quickly than it would if it was only increasing in size from one game at a time.

Who Wins the Regular Bingo Game Prize?

Regular game prizes for players winning individual games are still awarded, no matter whether the progressive jackpot is won or not. Players who win the progressive jackpot will also win the game prize for the game in which they won the jackpot.

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How Does a Bingo Progressive Jackpot Work?

While it is quite obvious how progressive jackpots operate in other games, such as slot machine games, it is less obvious how bingo could be played in the same way, as there must be winners for every game. In order to run a progressive jackpot for Bingo Games, a certain number of balls will be allocated, in which a player needs to call their bingo in order to get the progressive jackpot. Once the specified number of balls has been called, if no player has yet called out that they have a bingo, then the progressive jackpot simply continues to get larger and waits for the next lucky bingo player. Should a player receive a bingo before the specified number of balls have all been called, they will win both the regular game, and the progressive jackpot, which will be a much larger prize.

How is the Number of Balls Allocated?

The number of balls that are allocated which defines how quickly a bingo needs to be called in order to win the progressive jackpot, is based on the card patterns. Each new card pattern that comes up will have a specific balls count connected to it. It is not a set amount of balls for all bingo games.

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Added Excitement

Playing bingo when there is the possibility of a progressive jackpot, adds much excitement and positive tension to the game. Until the allocated number of balls connected to the progressive jackpot have been called, players know that there is much more at stake then the regular prize. Once the allocated number of balls have all been called, if no-one has won the progressive jackpot, the game becomes somewhat more relaxed because less is at stake and players know that they can try for the big prize in the next game.